Mexican Colonized History, 1821-1993

A Brief and Partial Chronology of Texas

1971 -1972

Researched, compiled & edited by Mario Longoria, Ph.D.

–U.S. Dept. of Education cited the Victoria Independent School District with the existence of discriminatory condition in the school district because the schools were not integrated as required by law. Once again, racism prevailed.

–U.S. Department of Education cited the Weslaco Independent School District (July 28) for non-compliance in Civil Rights because they refused to de segregate their schools. In essence, the district adopted a single-grade campus for each of the three elementary schools where Mexican Americans attended. This in-action did not segregate the schools; it only confirmed it.

–Case: Tasby v. Estes; was a class action suit filed by the Dallas Legal Services on behalf of Mexican American and Black children. The court held that Mexican American children, although they constituted a clearly separate and

identifiable group, failed to convince the Dallas Independent School District to de-segregate.

Case: (August 26). United States v. State of Texas. The suit involved two school districts, Del Rio Independent School District and the San Felipe Independent School District. This action arose after the Texas Education Agency refused to accept Anglo transfers to Del Rio from an Air Force Base located within the San Felipe District. The refusal was based on the theory that allowed Anglo school children to escape attending an ethnically imbalanced school. In essence, this allowance impeded the de-segregation of the districts.

–1972. On September 1-4, the Texas Mexican American “Raza Unida Party” holds the first National Convention in El Paso, Texas.




–The Texas Mexican American political party “La Raza Unida” fields a slate of candidates in Texas including Ramsey Muniz for Governor. Muniz garnered 6% of the total vote. The Governor-elect Dolph Briscoe wins the election with roughly 48% of the vote to become the only Texas Governor elected without a majority vote.