Centered in South Central LA, lies Julio, a man with a heart of gold and passion for his community with a funny yet relatable codependency to his family. While navigating through his passion for helping prior criminals at Hugs Not Thugs, he is faced with the trials and tribulations of life as we know it. Sounds like a fun show? IT IS and the second season recently dropped on Hulu so be sure to grab your favorite snacks, the colcha and binge while the kiddos are at school.
Last week, I had the opportunity to chat with costume designer for both seasons, Rocio Estrada. Estrada has worked on multiple Hollywood projects and worked diligently to be hired on as costume designer, despite her brother, Chris Estrada being a creator and star in the show. She fell in love with costume designing as a teenager and is thankful for opportunities posed to her during this time which has helped shape her career.
When asked about how she gets the inspiration for clothing items, she mentions details. For her it’s about authenticity through wardrobe and really telling the story of the characters. Not just in the show but in the role itself. The wardrobe of the actors ebbs and flows with the character development. Estrada is meticulous when it comes down to fine details of the story that is being told on the screen and hopes that everyone is able to see that passion and love she puts forth in her work.
As a Latina in the film industry, she remains humble when I ask about her awareness in paving the way for future Latinx/e stylists and designers. We tend to focus on the people in front of the camera a lot without realizing the time, effort and love that goes into helping stories come alive via props, clothing and finite details. Speaking with Rocio was like a breath of fresh air and has definitely made me start paying attention to the “small things”.
You can catch the 2 seasons of “This Fool” on Hulu. I highly recommend the show! If you would like to watch the interview you can head to our Instagram or Facebook page so listen to what she had to say.