How do you solve the homeless problem? A question that really has no right or wrong answer. Do you move all the homeless to one side of town? Do you fine a person for sleeping in public or for setting up a temporary shelter. With homelessness on the rise here in San Anto I don’t think we know the right answer to that question. But Fernando Velazquez the admin support specialist of Towne Twin Village gave La Prensa Texas a tour of how Towne Twin Village is going to help in their way. With over 2900 single individuals on the streets of San Anto, Towne Twin will help those who are on the streets. How is Towne Twin Village different from other organizations you may ask well Towne Twin Village is taking a holistic approach to community building in hopes of creating a foundation of dignity and creating a therapeutic environment. One that promotes a natural support system through socializing and development of friendships with other residents, peer volunteers, PALs and neighbors. TTV will be a combination of 100 tiny homes, 24 rvs and 80 efficiency apartments in a variety of layouts and design all about 400 _500 sq ft in size. With on site peer volunteers who themselves have experienced homelessness helping and coaching a community that will provide permanent homes for approximately 200 people. With Phase 1 already completed Phase 2 and 3 are in the works, with gazebos, a community center, health clinic, library computer lab, gym, community kitchen, maintenance shop and more these tiny homes are anything but that.

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Photo Captions: Fernando Velazquez takes La Prensa Texas on a walk through of the newly built tiny homes at Towne Twin Village.
Fernando Velazquez (Admin Support Specialist Towne Twin Village) shows La Prensa Texas team the outdoor amphitheater for community gatherings at Towne Twin Village