Every child deserves a champion, someone who believes in them, stands by them, and speaks up for their best interests. In Bexar County, there are 4,209 children and teens experiencing foster care. Many are without a champion.  

Child Advocates San Antonio’s mission is to change the lives of these children with the help of our corps of volunteer Court Appointed Special Advocates. As children enter foster care, they need Advocates. There is no better time than now to consider volunteering for this critical need.  

Why Become a Child Advocate? 

For many children and teens, you will be the one constant individual in their life as they navigate the challenges and uncertainties of the foster care experience. Children in foster care feel afraid, isolated, and lost. As an Advocate you have the extraordinary opportunity to create a profound impact on their life. You will also experience the joy of getting to know a child who may not have anyone else.  Volunteers can come from all walks of life and be united in their shared commitment to making a difference. 

The Journey to Becoming a Child Advocate 

Becoming a Court Appointed Special Advocate begins with a passion for helping children. Advocates come from diverse backgrounds, each bringing their unique experiences and perspectives to the role.  

Training and Swearing In 

Child Advocates San Antonio will provide you with the essential knowledge, skills, and support you need to effectively fulfill your role. Your journey continues as you are sworn in as a Court Appointed Special Advocate. This solemn oath reinforces your commitment to safeguarding the child’s best interests and making sure their voice is heard. You will be the steadfast Advocate the child depends on, with the authority to guide them towards a brighter future. The CASA team stands by your side, offering valuable expertise every step of the way.  

Once you are sworn in and assigned a case, here’s how you’ll support:  

  • School: Children in foster care often face educational hurdles. Help them overcome these obstacles, ensuring they receive the educational support they need. 
  • Family: Be the bridge that strengthens these critical relationships with a child’s family, kin, and community. Provide recommendations to the court system that can help guide the creation of a stable and nurturing environment where a child can thrive. 
  • Healthcare:  You’ll advocate for a child’s medical needs by collaborating with doctors, specialists, and mental healthcare professionals to ensure each child’s physical and mental health needs are addressed promptly and effectively 
  • In Court: You’ll stand by these children in court, making sure that their best interests and wishes are presented to the judge, ensuring that all legal decisions are made with the fullest knowledge. You’ll elevate their voice when they need it the most, working closely with legal professionals, social workers, and other relevant parties to ensure that the child’s needs and desires are given the attention they deserve.

Getting started on your journey as an Advocate is easier than you might think.  

Call us:  210-225-7070 or visit our website at www.casa-satx.org to sign up for an Information Session