By Marisol Cortez

In a time of dire emergency, we are inescapably reminded of our fragility and resilience both, the disturbing inequities that persist within and across communities and, equally, our deep connections. “Pandemic,” after all, from the Greek pan and demos, means “all the people.” At such times, we depend on the insight and wisdom of visionary artists, writers, thinkers, and leaders to provide the guidance we need to survive and persist. In this month’s episode of Hidden Histories, we hear from three of San Antonio’s intellectual and spiritual elders, author Whitley Strieber; former councilwoman Maria A. Berriozabal; and journalist Chris Tomlinson. Not to exclude the insights of our youngest generations, we also preview our upcoming Best of Josiah Media Festival, talking to Festival manager Jonathan Anderson about the unique social commentary provided by youth filmmakers from around the world.

As an online arts and culture magazine, Hidden Histories pursues and preserves the underexplored stories, lives, and places which make San Antonio and surrounding regions an inspiring cultural treasure. Each monthly episode uncovers important cultural histories of the region by featuring archival interviews with artists and community leaders; significant performances by musicians, dancers and poets; forgotten documentaries and narrative films; and vintage discussions of important community issues. In uncovering and generating the archives which hold these stories, Hidden Histories endeavors to move beyond the public humanities to one that is truly community-based. 

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What: “Enduring Distance”: HIDDEN HISTORIES Season Three, Episode Three

Who: URBAN-15 

When: Monday, May 4, 2020 at 7pm CST

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