By Ramon Chapa

I met Christopher at DPS. Everyone was kind of scared of him because he had tattoos on his face. When he came to me he was very intimidated. He wanted to know if I helped people with ID’S. I asked him if he had supporting documents. He said he did not have anything. A lady next to him said “Nobody wants to help him. He is homeless”. I told him I do help people in situations like this. I work for an organization called Spread the Vote-Project ID. I gave him my card and asked him to wait outside. When I went outside, I looked at him and saw the face of Jesus! In the Bible, Jesus said, “If you help the least of my brothers and sisters you are doing unto me”. I started crying, I told Aisha my wife, I am going to do everything I can to help that young man! The next day, I picked him up, took him to Edgewood ISD to get his school records; he dropped out in 9th grade. I took him to get his Birth Certificate and his Social Security Card. We did spend all day doing this; no breakfast, no lunch, no dinner! DPS closed late. We got to DPS at 5:45. We went through, and for the first time in his life at the age of 26, he obtained his ID! Thanks to his ID and SS Card, he starts his new job this year! WE DID IT!