Current textbooks fail to adequately cover Colonial America and the American Revolutionary War.

They fail to show the hardships and deprivation of our founding fathers who were deemed traitors by England. Through their efforts we obtained the greatest constitution in the world, and the Bill of Rights which affect us every day.

Importantly, they fail to mention that without the assistance of Spain, we would still be flying the British flag. Shouldn’t they be taught about General Bernardo de Galvez, for whom our early state capital, Galveston, was named? The Texas Connection to the American Revolution, when we provided cattle to Galvez’ army in New Orleans so they could fight the English at the Battles of Manchac, Baton Rouge, Mobile and Pensacola? Shouldn’t they know that Galvez was one of seven people ever to be named an “Honorary U.S. Citizen?”

Why don’t we inform our Black students that the SAR has identified over 20,000 Black patriots who fought in the American Revolution? Some were slaves seeking their freedom, but many were free men. Shouldn’t they learn that one of the largest slave owners in America was a Black man? Or that many Black slaves were enslaved by Black natives from other African villages or Muslim slave traders?

Wouldn’t such knowledge by our students instill pride and make them better feel a part in our community? Wouldn’t it make them better citizens?