As this summer season concludes, it’s hard to imagine a hotter time in San Antonio. However, climate projections show that our city’s future is set to be even hotter and drier. By 2040, summer maximum temperatures will be 4°F higher on average than they are today—and annually, we will experience 24 more days over 100°F and receive 3” less rain!

Without a plan to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and prepare our city for these impacts, our city—and our people—are at risk. Climate change threatens our health, our financial stability, our transportation systems, and our well-being. To rise to this challenge, CPS Energy, the University of Texas at San Antonio, the City of San Antonio and collaborator Navigant have partnered to establish the SA Climate Ready initiative. With input and best practices from experts locally and nationwide, they are developing a Climate Action and Adaptation Plan (CAAP). A warming climate will hit particular residents such as seniors, children, low-income, and people of color the hardest. Educating and fostering engagement with these groups is vital to their future climate resiliency.

City of San Antonio Chief Sustainability Officer Douglas Melnick is available for interviews to cover any of the below story angles on this important topic. It is imperative that all San Antonians know about the predicted climate change and how the CAAP is developing so they can be a part of constructing a plan that works for all residents.