Most of us may see change as something difficult, but it doesn’t have to be and your education shouldn’t be either. So, what do you do when the opportunity comes knocking at your door with a lending hand to help guide your way to complete greatness? You accept it of course, why wait, after all, we want to pursue our goals right? Everything begins with a great strategy and just stepping out of that comfort zone that can sometimes hinder us from moving forward. Maybe we dwell on something that’s really beyond our control and become fixated on the idea of it’s not for me. We then lose track of not just who we are but where we would like to be in life, for the future.

A very well-known establishment in academia, nestled in the Midwest, has shown to provide change and adaptability for the times, we come to an organization that strives for diversity, and the pursuit of excellence. What’s so different from the other schools, well, it’s a personable approach, literally. In a recent interview with Dr. Noel Stahle who is the Vice President for Academic Affairs at William Penn University, he believes in making something happen for the student in the most positive direction. And that “it’s okay to leave home but most often we don’t because we become sidetracked, but we have to fend for ourselves, to grow and find our new home.”
Dr. Stahle believes it’s crucial for students to learn something hands-on and that each student doesn’t have to fear academics because it’s meant to transform your life along with the added help that is available through William Penn University. We learn from each other, to be better, to set examples for others to learn from, and to evolve for an ideal society ‘that everyone has a seat at the table.’

At William Penn University, it starts with a fresh new leap along with new beginnings in your journey, and at WPU your tomorrow begins today. Dr. Stahle reminds us that students arriving at William Penn University have no worry about the uneasiness of getting acquainted with new friends or faculty, he states that it’s “a fun and caring environment and the faculty is very understanding.” The academic team will also push and encourage you to be better and that help is always around the corner when you need it. The diversity of WPU is phenomenal and along with the new additions of media and state-of-the-art labs, students are bound to strive for more. They offer a wide array of programs and being a smaller school, the interactions are much more involved and personable, putting the level of focus on a higher scale towards students.

When it comes to diversity, WPU offers a home away from home for many members whether faculty or students from many states and countries. One of La Prensa Texas’s own is a graduate of William Penn and tells us accounts of his studies. A first-hand look from the inside, a citizen of San Antonio, Texas. And now encourages others especially in the Latino Community to take some time and see what they have to offer, it’s worth it. If you’re looking for an education, then you have already begun the first step in the right direction. While offering a new home with academics for prospective students at William Penn University, Dr. Stahle has reached out to San Antonio’s La Prensa Texas Newspaper for information on how to become more involved with the Latino community. What initiatives to take for providing useful information to people looking for other educational locations and a well-rounded diverse culture without the fear of being away from home. The comfort and ease of getting an education, a new self, and a new outlook on life.