YWCA History Timeline

The YWCA purchases Camp Idlewilde in Comfort initially for the business girl. The YWCA hosts houses for the military; the YWCA supports war efforts.

The International Institute is established at 515 North Pecos St. and is dedicated to serving women and girls of varied ethnic and cultural backgrounds and the YWCA at Pine Street is established for African American women.

Business and professional women’s clubs (blue triangle clubs) are created because of a movement sponsored by the war department and the YWCA to mobilize women for war work.

The YWCA supports prohibition. The YWCA organizes a student YWCA at St. Phillip’s Junior College.

In response to President Herbert Hoover’s plea for help, the YWCA announces that a liberal portion of the 1931 budget will find work for hundreds of jobless girls and women.
Sex education is offered at the YWCA through health lecture topics such as “Health and What it Means to Girls Before and After Marriage,” discussed by Dr. MinnieO’Brian.

U.S.O. (United Service Organization) operated by the YWCA opens; it serves men and women employed in defense work.

The National YWCA adopts a Interracial charter allowing full integration of all races and colors.

A federal antipoverty grant allows the first Day Care Center to be established. The ‘Great Decisions Program’ of the YWCA discussed topics such as the struggle for Vietnam, Latin-America and the U.S., and making foreign policy in the Nuclear Age.

The first Rape Crisis Seminar is held at the YWCA.

A financial institution run for, and by, women is established. San Antonio Women’s Credit Union is later housed within the YWCA.

YWCA Olga Madrid Center opens at 503 Castroville Road. The YWCA holds single parent workshops for women who are divorced, widowed, or deserted.

YWCA in cooperation with Alamo Workforce Development Inc. and Accion Texas is awarded $1.2 million for a two-year Micro-Enterprise Development Pilot Program. Welfare recipients who want to achieve independence by operating their own businesses can get now get help from a new program led by the YWCA of San Antonio. The program is the first of its kind in the state.

YWCA San Antonio celebrates its 100th birthday by honoring ten Women of the Decades.

YWCA San Antonio initiates the Ventanilla De Salud program. Ventanilla De Salud, in collaboration with the Mexican Consulate, provides health education and health service referrals to the San Antonio immigrant community.

See full timeline https://www.ywcasa.org/who-we-are/history/