Human beings are capable of such greatness in life but with each accomplishment performed, the standards become much greater and those boundaries are pushed even further. And with greatness, we find those few individuals whose stories are making an impact in the community and for their generation. Miya is one of those individuals, a recently turned 15-year-old Latina who is making the biggest waves possible. Along with the help of her family and her father’s persistence and dedication, the world is her place to make an impact in life, and others like her looking to step forward and go after their dreams. So, what is it exactly that turns heads, and what is this trendy sport?
It’s called body flying, or as some have put it, indoor skydiving which Miya’s father states is not the correct term. Body Flying is an activity that has been around since the late 1990s, but for some, it’s more than just an activity or something for entertainment. The first documented indoor flight took place in Ohio by a Nasa Scientist in the early 1960s during the Apollo Space Program. It was by a man named Jack Tiffany who was an Army Green Beret in the military with over 3,000 skydiving jumps to his name, 20 years later, it has now become a widely exercised effort for anyone to take part in this new sport within a wind tunnel. It’s amazing to see how one man’s attempt to problem-solve issues in a wind tunnel for parachutes, has turned into an opportunity for people such as Miya to pursue goals and dreams for the Olympics and show other young people that they too can follow their dreams.
For 15-year-old Miya, it became a way of life and a sport that hopefully one day, makes it to the Olympics. Miya’s father Lalo has been very supportive and involved in her life from every angle and has pushed her to become better, and not give up. Through her ups and downs and rigorous training, she’s become a sort of ballerina in the air, the acrobatics are phenomenal. But there is much more to Miya’s passion, and like many others, they are pushing for more involvement in many ways while looking for sponsorships and the help or support of other organizations.
So, the question pops up, is body flying considered to be an Olympic sport? According to the Olympic committee, it is, and many other organizations worldwide agree as well. For body flying to be part of the program, it must not only adhere to a set of rules or guidelines but meet a barrage of overall bureaucracy before it’s seen within the Olympics. Miya’s dream of competing worldwide is still being pursued, she hasn’t given up and has no intention of doing so. Miya’s training has been through various locations and cities throughout the world and with the help of a variety of coaches with different ethnic backgrounds such as Australian, Russian, Polish, and some from the USA, the opportunities are endless for her.