By Yvette Tello

Some Texas Democrats were upset that the Democratic convention is missing Latino, Texas voices. Do you think it is in the best interest of the party to have former Presidential candidate Secretary Julian Castro address the nation during our party’s convention? “I think that we could win the battle and lose the war,” Castro told “Axios on HBO” of Democrats’ chances this fall. “We could win in November, but you could see a potential slide of Latino support for Democrats.” What do you think? Let’s talk about it…

Cordelia Sandoval:”Don’t cause division, Castro. Do your part in Texas to make sure Hispanics vote for Democrats!”

Gilberto S Ocañas: “Our community needs to raise our voice for real positive change by a high voter turnout of our people and always demand a seat at the table.”

Estrella Escobar: “Although I agree that they should have, and also fail to understand the DNC’s logic, I also think maturity should prevail and the bigger picture should be focused on. Castro should not cause division among Hispanics right now. He should work to get Biden elected and use this to his advantage once he wins. Seeing this type of discord getting traction is exactly what Trump wants. I wouldn’t give it to him.”

Fernando Tafoya: “I’m a Democrat because I get to argue and disagree with our leadership and my commitment is not questioned like the trumpers. If Latinos don’t raise this issue who will? If it is not done now, then when? When we have our sombrero in our hands after the election? No. We have a right to raise issues. That’s why I’m a Demo- crat.”

Andrea Eskin: “He ad- dressed the convention in 2016, didn’t he? Not saying he had his “turn,” but maybe that was what they thought this time around. Perhaps they think they don’t need to try so hard to ensure they get the Hispanic vote this time. Who knows what goes on in their heads?”

Mel Coronado: “I can’t speak for all Latinos how- ever I personally do not need to be motivated to vote by listening to another Latino politician speak at the convention. Trump and his administration have caused so much harm against Latinos and all others who are not considered “Caucasian” that I am motivated to vote for anyone but Trump. Regardless who speaks at the convention, we should all be motivated to vote by mail, in-person, by pigeon (joke btw). Whatever it takes to remove this con-artist from office. It is not the time to create tension between Demo- crats before an important election.”

Gerry Lederer: “Sorry. Reads a bit like spoiled brat. As for Latinx support. They had a Latina serve as the MC on night one. And Castros have been headliners in the past. He was also awarded with HUD. At some point, you take one for the team. Win Texas and you can demand whatever you want.”

Louis Escareno “ I guess I just don’t understand the Democratic National Convention logic. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez got 60 seconds to speak. “