The Cucuy

There was a time you could make a child sit still by telling them the Cu-cuy was going to get them. Now, that is considered a form of mental abuse. “El cucuy” is comparable to the boogie man, but is much scarier. Cuuuuuu- Cuuyyyyyyyyyyy!” Say this in the dark with a bunch of Mexican kid and they will start to cry. What do you remember about the Cu-Cuy? Ernest Paz He was an alright dude as far as I can remember. Kinda of a creeper at times, pero he learned how to get along with the neighborhood kids. Wonder what he’s been up to nowadays?! Jesse Rivas Damn you scared me already . hope i can sleep tonite with the lights off !!!! Norma Sanchez Martinez I remember as a kid my grandmother used to tell her grandchildren that would stay there with her that if we weren’t in the bed by 10pm and asleep Cucuy was going to get us so believe me when I say we were all in bed and asleep by 10pm. No cucuy for me. Lol Carmen Madariaga I think it’s OK to let children know by a certain age that there is bad, even evil because after all it does exist in reality!

Ooie ooie, the cucuy! But, balance it with the knowledge of our guardian angel who protects us, especially when we pray! Fear without hope is a bad thing, for children and grown ups alike! Simon Gomez The new cucuy is Trump. Run, Run,Run. Study, study,study.Go to bed early or Trump will come through the garage and send you back to DF. JoAnn Campos Especially on Friday nights!!! When the adults wanted to relax and have a few drinks!!! Ya duermesen aye venne el CUCUYYYYY!!! Valerie Sepulveda I was never scared by the cuuucuuyyy lol I was scared of the real thing my momma she beat my but if we didn’t listen but I love her Blue Rose Alvarez Hijole! I’m still traumatized by those childhood cu-coy stories! I can’t even think of going upstairs or downstairs in an empty house! Freako Cerda My mom always told us…”You better pray the cu-cuy gets a hold of you before I do!!” Lol..I was more scared of my mama.

UTSA Professor Discusses the Resilience of San Antonio’s Cultural Heritage

Facebook Twitter Google+ Gmail Print Friendly Like 0 By R Eguia . Last month, scholars, community members and students gathered at the Southwest School of Art Coates Chapel to hear a conversation by the San Antonio Conservation Society Endowed Professor at UTSA, William Dupont, called A Resilient Heritage: Designing San Antonio’s Future to Preserve Our Past. The talk introduced Cultural Sustainability as the continuity of cultural systems of human existence. People have heritage identities and values that bind them to places and communities are essential for full sustainability. “Design with respect for Heritage,” was a key theme as Dupont...

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Computer and Internet Addiction is a Real Thing

Facebook Twitter Google+ Gmail Print Friendly Like 0 Are you dependent on technology to bring you satisfaction in life? Dependency can be playing video games to escape reality, posting to social media to get attention or validation, compulsive online spending when anxious or bored, or visiting dating sites with the hopes of meeting the love of your life. Are there noticeable negative patterns surrounding your computer or internet activities? Are they causing problems in your relationships or affecting your work performance? Most of the time, these addictions are just distractions to real issues that people are not yet ready to face. They may feel anxious, impulsive or unfulfilled in life. These activities produce a “high”, filling a void and bringing pleasure that lasts momentarily. Overtime, these addictions have negative consequences that outweigh the positive feelings experienced. They can also have long-term negative effects on many areas of our lives. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) research has shown that certain people are more susceptible to computer or internet addiction. These individuals include; those who have had prior addictions to other behaviors or substances; a history of depression or anxiety; attention deficit hyperactivity disorder; or Low self-esteem. Recovering computer addicts reported feelings of euphoria when using the computer and feelings of depression, unfulfillment and irritability when not using it. They also described feeling withdrawn or neglected by family and...

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S.A Performance Art Collective HoK

Facebook Twitter Google+ Gmail Print Friendly Like 0 On March 9, the local performance art collective, HoK (House of Kenzo) presented Permutations, a 20 minute production exploring systems, fluidity, work and cycles, at the Lawndale Art Center in Houston. The trio, Ledef (sound production), Brexxitt (choreography) and Grapefruit (concept design) embodied possibilities through splash choreography and projection mapping. Local carpenter company, Precision Woodworking Texas, assisted the group with an installation that included an indoor water trough, a 10 part pulley system and a network of clear bags filled with water tied onto natural rope. The performance was inspired by...

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Mariachi Girl Stars Lucero Garcia at the Magik Theatre

Facebook Twitter Google+ Gmail Print Friendly Like 1 Many women have made their mark in the performance arts. In San Antonio, girls go to places like the Magik theatre to begin their journey. Like 14-year-old San Antonio actress, Lucero Garcia. She began acting at the age of 7 during The Magik Theatre’s summer camps and classes. She plays the role of Carmencita in the new show called Mariachi girl at the Magik Theatre. “I fell in love with musical theatre. All I could think about was being on stage singing and dancing and performing for people and making them...

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Guadalupe Cultural Arts

Facebook Twitter Google+ Gmail Print Friendly Like 0 By Melinda Gonzalez There is a renewed energy in the air and the culmination of efforts to re-establish the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center (GCAC) as the beacon of Chicano Art is paying off. Founded in 1980 and located in the heart of San Antonio’s historic Westside, the nonprofit organization serves over 100,000 people each year on a local, national and international scale through artistic, educational, and community programming. Jorge Piña who is a native San Antonian is back and fulfills a key leadership position for the GCAC after resigning from the...

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