I was honestly excited to finally jump into a Model Tesla 3 after having read and seen so much about the brand. Let me just say in a nutshell, IT WAS A BLAST! I was not in the least bit disappointed. Before I get too far into my review, I was stunned you can lease it for $399.00 a month. But if you are going to buy it, the sticker price is $37,400 after a tx credit you get. Ok, let me begin. The Model 3 is the basic model being sold by Tesla. It can easily fit four adults, with plenty of room to sit comfortably. It looks a bit small from the outside, but on the inside, it felt quite a bit more spacious than I was expecting. The entire vehicle was so modern, minimalistic yet at the same time modern and functional. You know right away you are sitting in something outside that you are used to and like a kid in a candy store, you are ready to give it a test drive. The steering wheel is smaller than usual but comfortable. There are all kinds of adjustments on the response you want it to have…tight, loose, or responsive. Before you take off, you need to take a few minutes like any car, to adjust the mirrors, the seats, the air conditioning, the navigation, and the kind of displays you want the huge monitor in the middle of the dashboard to give you. You have heard about the instant acceleration an electric motor can give you and an amazingly quiet ride, well it certainly did that. But the thing you need to get used to first is how the car slows down the minute you let off the go pedal. Meaning, there is very little glide, and the car immediately begins to start slowing down like you have your foot softly on the brake pedal. That breaking action by the car is how it charges the battery while you are driving. I know it’s strange. Once you get used to that, the car is not going to go very far after you let off the go pedal, you adjust. The ride is so smooth and quiet. It’s like driving a golf cart with a great deal more style and power. This Model 3 Tesla had two electric motors on the two back wheels. That means you have a rear-drive vehicle that has twice the push power that any standard gas-driven car has. Thus, you get more push when you hit the pedal. So much so that you are pushed back in your seat producing G force making you weigh at least a couple of times your normal weight. There is no way you are not going to be impressed with the acceleration you get off an electric motor. Honestly, I scared everyone I gave a ride to, just by putting the pedal to the metal without telling them! It’s like you were in that car in “Back to the Future” without all the flash and sparkles.

The 2023 Tesla Model 3 is available in several versions. The base Standard Range Plus model features a rear-wheel-drive configuration and a single electric motor, delivering approximately 263 horsepower. The Long Range and Performance models come equipped with dual electric motors, offering all-wheel drive and blistering performance. The Long-Range model delivers around 346 horsepower, while the range-topping Performance model takes it up a notch with approximately 444 horsepower. This power is going to give you an amazing acceleration, with the Performance model capable of reaching 0-60 mph in a mere 3.1 seconds.
So, the big question is how far does it go before I need to charge it up? The 2023 Tesla Model 3 offers impressive range and energy efficiency. The Standard Range Plus variant delivers approximately 263 miles of range, while the Long-Range model extends that to around 353 miles. Of course, those numbers depend on driving conditions, weather, and other factors. Then there is Tesla’s extensive Supercharger network which allows for convenient and fast charging, significantly reducing charging times during long-distance travel. The advanced navigation system will give you real-time traffic updates, route guidance, and access to an extensive network of charging stations. It’s all at the touch of your fingertip. This Tesla did have the automatic diving function that would allow the car to drive itself… I decided to pass on that until I had someone with Tesla with me to guide me on how exactly to safely accomplish that. So, bottom line, WOW you really need to go to the Tesla Dealership on IH-10 near the Dominion country club and get a test drive. Trust me, you are going to sit at home and figure out how you are going to afford another car payment!