Let’s talk about dating after 40 in 2023. Back in the day, people used to meet each other face-to-face, but now online dating has taken over. If you’ve gone through dating in your 40s or beyond, do you have any advice for our readers? Is it more or less challenging to date as you get older? Let’s talk about it…

Oscar Garza:
“It’s a lot more different and difficult now.”

Tone Anthony: “Don’t be afraid to date outside your parameters when it comes to physical attributes. Your perfect guy might not be 6 feet tall. And your perfect woman might not have the perfect body. You’re selling yourself short.”

Veronica Amaro: “I’ve stayed friends with people I’ve met on dating sites, but I haven’t been on one in over 2 years. I prefer to meet people organically like in the good ole days. Go to places with like minded people. Enjoy every second in life. When you love yourself more, people will gravitate to you.”

Eli Rodriguez: “My advice is communication is king at any age, and compromise when it’s necessary! Be transparent when it feels right, and the rest leave in God’s hands! Simple is the best strategy because relationships can be complicated! My 2 cents!”

Emmitt Jimenez: “A beautiful soul and heart goes a long way!”

Rick Carter: “My advice to the men… Take a Care Package “The Bible, Mace, Zip Ties, & a Taser.”

Emmitt Jimenez: “It is what it is. Be yourself, stay true to yourself, be honest, forget the past, remember what you are looking for and be true.”

Jeff Hull: “To me it’s challenging because of the great expectations they put on you. Like if you don’t have a nice car or a job where you can help them pay their bills, then you ain’t worthy. I’m sorry if I’m not out at the bar or club every weekend and your bills aren’t my responsibility. I miss when dating was much simpler. Like going to the movies or out to eat. When I am interested in a woman, I don’t care what her bank account looks like or what she drives. Just that she can be honest, loyal, truthful and faithful. As well as a good heart and empathy.”

Charlene Smith: “As a senior dating coach, some of the points made here are valid. I have many success stories of people dating over 60 and beyond! It is a myth that there is a shortage of potential partners. It’s true there are many ways besides online to meet and date people. In my book , release date 27 August, I provide a master plan to find meaningful companionship. Learning the desires of your heart helps to sort out people that don’t measure up to your standards. Having a positive attitude and a good plan has helped my clients find their senior soulmate. Love is out there and I can help you find it! I’m 69 and have a great partner. email me: 60seekingsoulmate@gmail.com”

Queta Rodriguez: “Dating as you get older is harder because the pool is smaller, but it’s also better because you have wisdom and experience to help you determine what a compatible partner would be. Like everything, there are pros and cons to online dating apps. From personal experience, you have to sift through a lot of toads to find the prince. You have to know what your non-starters are, and often that is not possible just from meeting someone traditionally. For example, my profile clearly stated “no smokers and non Trump supporters.” Right off the bat I could eliminate people I knew I had no desire to date. I know many people who met their significant other online and have a wonderful relationship and marriage, including professionals I work with. Luckily for me, next month I’ll be marrying my Facebook Dating match! So there is hope!”

Ramon Chapa Jr.: “Never been on dating sites! I have to see the real thing! I had a lot of girls back then, I have a lot of girls now!”

Luis Campos: “Way more challenging because we’re at the age where we could date the mom or the daughter!”

Paul Budak: “On the sites no one will date an amputee.”

Gene A. Gomez: “Too many fake people. Doesn’t matter how you meet someone, in person or on a dating site. Doesn’t seem to be much truth to who they really are. So yeah, dating sucks!”

Henry Shamdas: “I don’t know, I’ve been with my wife for 17 years, 8 of which I have been married. If it didn’t work out, I don’t think I would bother with all that mess and just fish and shoot.”

Carey Calvert: “… if you’re able to take an L, you’ll always be good. I don’t believe it’s more or less difficult. No way will I do a dating site. The time I spend on that could be the time I’m actually out of the house creating opportunities.”

Benjamin Godina: “I’d say keep it original and meet on the streets. Sorry but church or the grocery store are not the “go to” places. Get involved in events and find someone who has the same likes to start off with.”

Allen Lee Gonzales: “Dating is overrated. Haven’t been on a date in 25 yrs. LOL”

Jazmin D Zuñiga: “I don’t believe it has anything to do with where you meet. I have a great friend I met on a dating site and my last 8 year relationship I met through a dating site. They’re both 2 different people, the 8 year relationship is a man that is part of a church, the church choir, and still cheated. It is the person itself, it doesn’t matter if you meet them at HEB, during a hike, on the beach or on a dating site. Times have changed and people have lost their train of thought, trying to keep up with what’s “IN” instead of keeping up with what is inside of themselves. We’ve lost self-love, integrity, honesty, loyalty, all those things that are needed for a relationship to work and it has nothing to do with where you meet! The last man I’ve been talking to for the last 7 months, I met @ the gym. He makes me laugh, we spend good time talking, but he has no interest in having a relationship so I know it won’t pass a friendship status and It’s okay because I understand he’s not the one for me. It’s our thoughts that have made relationships different or difficult. The question is, Are we truly happy with ourselves? Are we truly happy being alone? And if the answer is yes, then you have to find someone that feels the same way as you do, happy within themself. Two people that are happy with themselves would be a perfect match because if you can add instead of subtract in someone’s life, then you’re perfect for that person. I don’t think it’s a challenge, I don’t think it’s the place you meet, I think it’s our thoughts, our actions.. It’s us. We need to look inside of ourselves.”

Jaime Castro: “Many fakes and dating nowadays aren’t the same from back then, no respect, no manners, and no trust and now it’s all about what’s on the outside or what you have it’s not about what you have on the inside and it sucks.”

Ian Ybanez: “As a well experienced youngin, dating sites suck…. Just find better watering holes to meet good people. Like, where would your ideal mate actually be spending their time? I doubt you’d want to marry someone who is locked in their home 24/7 preying on dating sights, or at a bar every weekend. Do some thinking and figure out where the people you’d like to meet would be at, and when….”

Mor Lu: “Dating sucks now! Period!”