I’ve been driving the Toyota Prius for a long time with the knowledge that, to save money on gas, I would have to give up power and any sort of actual performance. You were fortunate to reach 60 mph in less than 10 seconds; that was, to put it mildly, unsatisfactory. The Prius’ design is changing in 2023. Believe it or not, it achieves even better fuel efficiency. 57 city/56 highway mpg combined—how does that sound? Here is a new feature that is really astounding; it looks really good. So, Instead, of only focusing on making this fifth generation Prius fuel efficient. The new chief engineer for the Prius design, worked on giving it a “love at first sight” design. With new 17- and 19-inch wheels with two-inch higher tires that are closer to the body corners and a track width that is 2.3 inches wider in front and two inches wider in back, this Prius looks crisp and a touch sporty. The hood now flows into the windshield and roof, giving the Prius a less boxy appearance while simultaneously reducing drag and shortening its height thanks to the pulling back of the roofline. Unfortunately, the view out the back windshield is a little more restricted and you have lost a little interior space.

The acceleration this new Toyota Prius has been given, is really the main story. Instead of the original 1.8-liter engine’s meager 96 horsepower, the new engine sports a 2.0-liter inline-four that produces 150 horsepower. With six magnets per pole as opposed to three, the permanent-magnet synchronous traction motor produces the combined horsepower. Instead of the ole 121, to a very acceptable 194 horsepower. That represents a 60% increase! Every trim, from LE to Limited, also has the option of all-wheel drive, which contributes to the vehicle’s overall 54 mpg fuel efficiency and the largest year-over-year fuel economy gain of 6 mpg. They can now reach 60 mph in just over 7 seconds and can reach 92 mph in the quarter mile. The aggressive style which was made possible by the new lower and wider styling, I think will greatly increase its appeal to younger customers.


However, the already compact car becomes slightly more cramped due to the lower roofline, which does reduce headroom by 1.4 inches in the front and one inch in the back. However, the longer wheelbase does help, adding front legroom, which moves the driver’s seat slightly for a more comfortable driving position. On the inside, the touchscreen on the LE is an 8.0-inch panel, but a big 12.3-inch unit is optional on the XLE and standard on the Limited, giving the Prius a contemporary vibe and making it easier to use the air conditioning, GPS and stereo controls while driving this brand-new Prius. The LE’s starting price point of $28,545 represents a modest $1100 increase over the prior year. The Limited costs $35,560, while an XLE costs $31,990. In conclusion, if you’re searching for a sleek 5 passenger, 4 door hatchback with tons of style, I’d recommend the Toyota Prius.