The last 100 years have brought about new devices and gadgets. That means we’ve also said goodbye to some things that were once essential to our everyday lives. Newspaper, developing film, public payphones, physical maps, the yellow pages- all almost obsolete. What are some things from back in the day that most of us no longer use today. Let’s talk about it…

Frances Potter: “Molcajete (replaced blender).”

Anna Martinez Rodriguez: “Aqua net.”

Yvette Elizabeth: “Manners, rotary phones, address book, phone booth.”

Roger Reyna: “Honor and respect for our country, God, elders and parents.”

Paul Arellano: “Discipline and Respect.”

Melody Mike: “Fox Photo, Hollywood Video, cassette tapes, a cheesy pick up line.”

Anita Repya: “Landlines.”

Edward Foster: “Crank car windows.”

Gregorio De La Paz: “Love for our country.”


Rosa Mendez: “Manners.”

Felipe Hinojosa: “Vehicles that could be cranked.”

Ramon Chapa Jr.: “Pagers.”

Jeff Hull: “Hair! Cause I don’t have it anymore. Push mowers. I hated that thing.”

Melissa Garza: “The slide cable box.”

Jesse Amesquita: “Rotary phone.”

Gregorio De La Paz: “Common sense.”

Candy Yvonne: “Critical thinking”

Leonard Bigwayne Smith: “Manners ,Respect,Patience, Courtesy, Forgiving.”

Robert Bourgoin: “Brains.”

Saša Vasiljević: “Cassette and VHS tapes. I still remember when my walkman got low on batteries so the song got distorted into a demonic chant- lol.”

Nikky Harriott: “Floppy disks.”

Robert Mead: “Typewriter, VHS player, landline phone.”

Vincent Finn: “Fine china.”


Jane Moreland: “Brown paper grocery bags.”

Annett Allen: “Clothes line.”

Jared Eichten: “Watches.”

Robert Hazy: “Good old fashion humor without worries of offending anyone.”

Russell Best: “Catapults.”

Megan Abra: “Calculators.”

Bob Kraft: “Our feet.”

Arthur Edgecomb: “Hand crank can opener, hand signals when making a left or right turn. The time and temperature exchange with a telephone call.”

Mac C. Jackson: “Stationary or stamps.”

Betty Penn Harrod: “Washboards.”

Jeff Clanton: “Kitchen tables.”

Suzie Karaffa: ”Our memory.”

Patricia Largaespada: “Our brain. We use it less and less. Research is now via Alexa and Google, math is on our calculators, apps for everything. Brains may atrophy if we don’t use them!”