The much-anticipated 5th Annual Triple Threat Metal Fest is set to rock the virtual stage on August 24, 25, and 26th, 2023 , offering a thrilling convergence of metal music, community spirit, and support for a vital cause. The festival is proud to announce its partnership with True San Marcos Community Radio (KZSM), an invaluable platform that empowers local artists and musicians. 18 Bands/3 Venues….

Presented by Godson Production, the Triple Threat Metal Fest has become a staple event in the San Marcos cultural calendar, drawing metal enthusiasts and music lovers from across the nation. The festival’s electrifying performances showcase the vibrant talent within the metal genre, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie among both artists and attendees.
Mark A Moniz, also known as Metal Mark, the driving force behind the festival, expressed his passion for the event’s mission, stating, “My radio show belongs to the artist, the musician. I give them this platform so they can be heard. San Marcos Community Radio allows me to do this kind of classic rock and classic metal. I get to know all the musicians in San Antonio, Austin, and the surrounding area. My radio show is being broadcast on The Blitz 100.1 FM in Laredo, Texas, so I give the artist a chance to be heard on our platform. My show is their show.”

Event Details:
● Date: August 24, 25,and 26, 2023
● Time: 7pm
● Location: San Marcos, Texas
● Tickets: $10 (Online ticket sales at
The festival serves a dual purpose – celebrating the dynamism of metal music while supporting a worthy cause. Proceeds from the event will benefit True San Marcos Community Radio (KZSM), a volunteer-driven station that defies the confines of commercial and public radio. KZSM prides itself on being a true reflection of the community, offering programming created by local residents. Its mission is to provide a diverse range of news, views, ideas, and music that resonate with the diverse fabric of San Marcos.

Metalheads, music enthusiasts, and supporters of community-driven initiatives are invited to join the 5th Annual Triple Threat Metal Fest. Embrace the power of metal, celebrate community radio, and contribute to a truly meaningful cause.

For more information about the Triple Threat Metal Fest and to purchase tickets, please visit [Event Website]. To learn more about True San Marcos Community Radio (KZSM) and its mission, visit