A hero is the heart of a city
A response to those in need
A flight that soars wings on winds
una fuerza incesante a majesty
A hero’s heart is a monument
a mountain bound to humanity
an unrelenting gaze into the eyes
of a child a mother a family
A witness to barriers
walls to be conquered
A path through massive muros
of hunger violence disaster poverty
A hero’s heart
takes flight soaring wings on winds
toma vuelo volando alas en el viento
una fuerza incesante a majesty
A majesty ground-down into the earth
Feeds bodies feeds hearts feeds the broken
FEEDS THE BROKEN feeds minds
fills with justice fills with peace
A heroes’ heart
a mountain peak in the clouds
eternidad de fuerza
La compasión no se estremece
Her compassion does not wince
Does not shutter away
This boundless strength
A hero’s heart
grain of earth rises into the sky
a mountain gaze ViendoEmpoderando a los que sufren
A refuge A majesty stoic in her power A hero!
Jen Yáñez-Alaniz is a poet, educator, and advocate in solidarity with migrants, immigrants, and refugees