Born in Puerto Rico, Giselle Díaz cultivated her talent as an artist by drawing on her strong roots and cultural background from the island while later incorporating life influences of American and European cultures. Her passion for the arts has been an integral part of her life as well as the works of art that she creates. Giselle’s works are derived from her many memories of living and travelling through Puerto Rico. The rich culture which is the essence of the country are her inspiration. The breathtaking landscapes, vibrant colors and aromatic scents are reflected in her pieces. Her creative process starts by taking detailed photographs of her subject matter and then as she works and mixes the pigments, the images and memories begin to emerge from the painting surface. The result is a bountiful explosion of energy, movement and vitality expressed in uniquely blended colors. Giselle Díaz:Artist Senior Administrive Associate to the UTSA Art Collection Quote: “My artistic expression is in constant dialog with the art of my contemporaries. Their techniques, medium choices Art inspired by Puerto Rican Cultures Por Melissa Bryant and compositions give me inspiration.”