There remains much debate and uncertainty surrounding the strickest abortion ban passed recently in Texas. The repercussions have already touched places such as Planned Parenthood and, specifically, Whole Woman’s Health Alliance in Fort Worth who managed to serve 25 patients before their proposed deadline the moment they were given the update on the order. The state has decided to place control into the hands of private citizens who deem a case fit enough to award a $10,000 bounty for an abortion carried out after 6 weeks by anyone.
The ACLU along with other non-profits and grassroots organizations across the country are leading the fight to restore balance regarding an individual’s ownership of their own bodily autonomy. Recognizing the level of focus needed to ensure a healthy momentum, Barbie Hurtado affirms a successful turnout this Saturday as one of the lead organizers marching for the restoration of safe and accessible abortion practices. She was assisted by Giomara who organized the chant for reproductive rights. She states, “We have been doing the work and will continue to march with the help of the community and appointed peacekeepers.”
Her prediction proved truthful as the turnout was quite outstanding.
On the morning of October 2, 2021 more than 2,000 people gathered at Milam park on different sides of the abortion topic and stated their presence in unison. The orange shirts were of many and a group of women were seen dressed in handmaid’s tale robes despite the request to refrain from the imagery. SAPD monitored on horseback despite Hurtado’s clear indication that there was no affiliation with the police for this event.

Although the U.S. was quick to sue the state of Texas shortly after the decision was made, the case still sits within the 5th circuit. The marches that took place nationwide assisted the sense of hope that Roe V.S. Wade will not be overturned.