By Steve Walker

Welcome to issue #5 of the “Ain’t done yet” series. Previously you have been given an overall view and information on how it flows at Madison Estates on Fredericksburg Road. Having said that, we continue our journey on details of independent retirement living.

This past week was full of activities to include celebrating Veteran’s Dayand honoring the 45 veterans who live here, some with their spouses. Four of those veterans happen to be women.Two of those women served as nurses, one officer and our friend Mary Luna who we sit together at meal time. She was trained in dental hygiene.Recently I was upset for losing my Viet Nam cap along the way, and Mary bought me a new Viet Nam cap to wear! Now that is a real friend.

Another event we participated in this past week as well was “Health Awareness Month” to include 10 of us walking a makeshift runway in the fireplace lounge, to highlight Men’s health. Ironically all ten men are veterans.

We were issued a tee shirt with a logo depicting a top hat, eyeglasses, and mustache. Each participant wore a different colored shirt.Mine was Black. Others were Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, Gray and so forth.

As luck would happen I lead the charge on the runaway. I represented Men’s vision. How ironic, since I experienced successful cataract surgery.

Others represent edvarious diseases affecting over-all health. The last resident, Les Carter was given the opportunity to tell his personal story on how he survived numerous surgeries that affected his quality of life. He is a walking miracle. He lives across the hall from my wife, Linda and me.

I would point out that my wife and I have a larger apartment than most at the retirement home. For me I am thrilled since I turned one room into a Kid Cave! Now it is complete with photos of me as a child and as an old man which means it looks great. By the way, although there are many more photos of me than there are of my wonderful wife, I do admit she is more photogenic than I am, however it is my Kid Cave. Ha ha!

I forgot to share that on the Veteran’s Day event, an active duty Army Sergeant participated by awarding a token medal to all the veterans in attendance. It was a festive event and those who served felt honored and not forgotten.

I have said in previous columns, every day is a new adventure. That sentiment is embraced by most residents who choose to live here.

As more people of age continue to move in Madison Estates, we will have numerous opportunities to continue sharing their lives and dreams with the readers. Imagine what memories they will willingly share. Only time will tell.

Don’t forget moving to Madison Estates at the corner of Fredericksburg Road and Hamilton Wolff is a positive decision because as we all know, we“ain’t done yet!”

Steve Walker is a Vietnam Veteran, former Journalist and Justice of the Peace