By Yvette Tello

There is nothing quite like the old stores of the past. A few decades ago life was a lot simpler. Five & dime stores were filled with rich character and superior customer service, These classic places make for some truly long-gone memories. My favorite place of all time was Winn’s on Nogalitos. What were some of your favorite places that you remember as a child that no longer exist? Let’s talk about it…

Virginia Gonzales: “ Surma’s Bakery, and Somers Rexall drug store. Down to the corner of that building was a laundromat. My mom would do her laundry there all the time, and we loved getting the red hard peanut candies from the penny machines. I can’t remember what those candies were called. Does anyone know?”

Pauline Lieck: “I took someone to that Sommers to buy Diabetes medicine while I sat in the hot car around the corner. When they came out they had bought goldfish at Winns.”

Ron Weaver: “ Washateria was there as was Joe’s boot n shine repair….”

Yvette Elizabeth: “ Winn’s”

Roger Reyna: “Kress, they had the ice cream soda parlor”

Benjamin Godina: “ Yes! Winn’s. Mine was the one on Southcross.”

Patricia Ann Maldonado Martinez: “ Kmart”

Mary Svetlik Watkins: “ Loved Winns. I also miss the Joske’s downtown.”

Gail Adams: “ I loved that Winns”

Norma Sanchez Martinez: “ Solo Serve, Winns, Kmart. I remember shopping there with my Grandma.”

David Yanez: “ Serma’s bakery on Nogalitos near Winns & Sommers Drug Store, if anyone remembers those”

Jojo Ramirez: “  Sommers Drug Store at the corner of the Strip. Old Fashioned fountain drinks the best were Root Beer Floats. Awesome Hamburgers as well.”

Virginia Gonzales: “Sommers Drug Store. Good cherry cokes, and banana splits.”

Stacie Jo Reyes: “ Rachel’s Country Corner”

Lori Garcia: “ Woolworths and TG&Y”

Priscilla C. Briseno: “ Gyros . My dad would take us there for burgers and floats. All 5 of us and my parents in the car trying to eat. But we never complained. Those were the good ole days.”

Esmeraldo Pruneda: “Globe, Leeds (now that’s going way back) Kress -downtown cafeteria”

Julie Riecher Vasquez: “ Surma Bakery, they had the best white fluff icing on their cakes.”

Mandy Esquivel Arriaga: “ Kmart, Centenos, Stanley’s Ice House”

Sandra De Luna: “ I remember that Winns and the one across from the South San Post Office. Loved going in there.”

John Sanchez: “ Surma’s bakery. Best cakes in town. There was also another Surma’s on Military drive across from Sears southside.”

Sylvia Montelongo: “Joske’s; I remember they decorated their windows so beautiful. I remember a train and Christmas animations”

Gloria Vivian: “ Kress”