Coaching in professional sports is one of the hardest jobs, constant scrutiny, always under a microscope by fans and employer, and stress, stress, and more stress. But like any jobs we have in this world, when you don’t perform to what’s expected, you get the axe. Unfortunately for Green Bay Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy, it came to the end of the line for his time leading the Packers.
The 13 year tenured coach was relieved of his duties and let go by Packers President Mark Murphy and and General Manager Brian Gutekunst after the Packers loss to the Arizona Cardinals this past Sunday. With the record of 4-7-1 while having a Quarterback like future hall of gamer Aaron Rodgers and defensive star rookie Jaire Alexander, a loss to a 2-9 Arizona team was the final straw.
In the 13 years Coach McCarthy took over after former coach Mike Sherman was let go in 2006, he has led the Pacers to a Super Bowl victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2010, seized four NFC Championship games, and has finished with a 10-8 playoff record.
Having missed the playoffs for the first time since 2008, which ironically was Aaron Rodgers first year as a starter, many questioned whether or not McCarthy has lost his touch. With the loss to Arizona diminishing any chance or hope the Packers have for the playoffs, enough was enough for the organization.
With all of his success, there is no doubt McCarthy will have a HC job next season, but where? No one knows. Many believe it could be the Cleveland Browns. Browns or not, many other franchises may be looking to fight over McCarthy. For the Packers, they will get a head start in their process of finding a new head coach. Offensive coordinator Joe Philbin will be taking over for the remainder of the season.
Any sort of postseason action from the Packers is nonexistent now for fans, but for “Titletown U.S.A.” at least they can look forward to possibly getting a top 10 draft pick, a new voice, and a new direction from whomever the Packers organization decides to hire.