San Antonio’s Newest Obsession

Spurs fans, the past 14 months have been what you can call a rollercoaster ride. After what happened with Spurs Forward LaMarcus Aldridge last summer with multiple trade rumors sur- rounding him and his ex- pressed desire to leave, we thought we’ve seen the last of any soap opera drama from the silver and black. But, we thought wrong. Oh were we wrong. Fast forward from July 2017 to September 2017. As train- ing camp starts, Aldridge convinced to stay and give the Spurs and Coach Pop another chance, no one had any idea what other team dilemma was quietly brew- ing. Kawhi Leonard, having been injured since the 2017 Western Conference Finals, many fans thought he would be ready to come back. But then, the drama started back up again. Week after week, month after month, a thigh injury cost Leonard basi- cally an entire season. Every game day, fans would read in confusion on the Spurs injury report, Leonard OUT (injury management), ru- mors of going with his rehab. Aldridge, keeping the Spurs alive throughout the season, looked like a parent hold- ing a family together on the brink of a divorce. Fast forward to the 2018 playoffs.

After comments made by various Spurs play- ers, good and bad, team meetings, conversations with Coach Pop, it was apparent. Kawhi wanted out. Holding out hope, it seemed inevita- ble, this might be the last sea- son we see Kawhi in silver and black for the last time. Fast forward one more time to June 21, 2018 late into the evening. “With the 18th pick in the 2018 NBA Draft, the San Antonio Spurs select Lonnie Walker IV. Miami” Tears and ear to ear smiles hit Walker and his family’s faces as they realize their dreams have come true. Al- ready making headlines for his stylish and one of a kind hair, he became an instant hit with Spurs fans after his first comments as a Spur. Citing later into the evening he told the press what he had told his mother after being selected by the Spurs “No more shar- ing a cheeseburger for din- ner, sharing a bag of chips for breakfast. We don’t have to struggle anymore, we’ll be taken care of from now on” finishing his statement with his signature line “I’m just a kid from Reading”. His followers grew all over social media overnight. Fans desperately asking the Spurs social media accounts to an- nounce his number for the team to purchase or create Spurs with his name on it. The former Mr. Pennsylvania Basketball and McDonald’s All-American landed in San Antonio last week and Spurs fans were quick to show their infamous love and support.

Most recognized him by his hair, but he felt truly at home with fan comments and in- stant support. Admitting that Pop offered him wine during dinner, he refused after jokingly admit- ting he’s only nineteen, then possibly embarrassing him- self in front of Spurs legend Tim Duncan, proves he’s like every other nineteen year old and human. As he first walked into the Spurs practice facility, he noticed the warmth and family vibe from employees and Spurs personal. But the first time he saw all five champion- ships banners hanging and Manu Ginobili’s and Tony Parker’s locker near his own, he knew what kind of leg- endary company he’s now in and part of. It was the same feeling we feel as we step in the AT&T Center for this first time and look up to see all five championships hang- SAN ANTONIO’S NEWEST OBSESSION ing high in the rafters, pure greatness. As a conspiracy theory be- liever, most notably believ- ing the theory the world is “just an illusion” and we’re all just living in it, gives us fans a good laugh and makes him just that more interest- ing. Maybe we are living the illusion he created and might lead us straight into the Spurs sixth NBA Championship. Although the Kawhi saga has a brought a number of emotions upon us fans, one can agree we just want to move past this episode of All My Children, and focus on next season with Al- dridge leading a young core into the future. Keep your heads up Spurs fans. RC Buford and Coach Pop have built this team the past twenty years. They have earned and deserve our trust. Only time will tell if the future will be truly bright, but with the hun- ger of a championship and their place in Spurs history, Walker IV, Aldridge, and Spurs point guard Dejounte Murray, all signs are point- ing in the right direction. As always “GO SPURS GO”!


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