By Yvette Tello

Determined to reopen America’s schools despite coronavirus worries, President Donald Trump threatened Wednesday to hold back federal money if school districts don’t bring their students back in the fall. He complained that his own public health officials’ safety guidelines are impractical and too expensive.Do you agree? Will you be sending your kids back? Do you think this is our new normal? Let’s talk about it.. #letstalkaboutit

Thomas Mc: “First of all he can’t. As usual he makes up crap in hopes people will just believe him and not research. Most of this power rests on the state. There’s not much Trump can unilaterally cut off. At most, he can withhold some pandemic movies that were earmarked. I’ll break it down further. a large

majority of school budgets come from state and local funds, plus there’s this thing called Congress that appropriates funds ahead of time. So again, there’s little the President can do.”

Lonnie Bradley: “I’’d send my daughter back if she didn’t have to wear a mask. Kids need to be kids, and I know teachers are worried about COVID, but at some point you either put on your adult britches and deal with it or just stay home. Everything we do from the moment we wake up until we wake up the next morning has some element of risk to it. I refuse to live in fear of what if.”

Jesus Tello: “Those sending their kids back say that now but when you get it or a family member gets it your tune will change dramatically.”

Mike Miller: “20+ countries have already sent kids back with no problem at all. We know that the CDC and many cities and states have fudged the case numbers and CDC can’t even decide if the mask is needed or not, useful or not. I’m ok with my kids going back. Our left’s

agenda is also a big problem. For example 244 deaths the other day and cnn reports a surge of new cases and hospitals in Texas full. That’s 244 deaths nationwide. Not long ago NY had over 1000. Knowledge is power. We the people just need to arm ourselves with knowledge. It is very accurate we have high num- bers because we test more. And it has already been proven that local, state governments have lied about the numbers and the CDC has no idea which way to go. According to actual experts, the herd vaccination has already started. We actually have it better than many countries.”

Yvette Elizabeth: “My son will start remotely on 8/4. He’s already said he wants to go back to school. He’ll wear a mask. He’s been working through this. Wearing a mask is okay for him this will be his senior year.”

Carolina Rodriguez-Roberts: “Well if I had kids still in school, Hell No!! My daughter was home schooled the last 2 years. He can send his son to SW!.They can’t control covid with them out of school, can you imagine one kid with co- vid-19 to school spreading it to all the kids, all those kids going home spreading into all their families and all those families spreading to more family members wow yeah great idea this in them back!I mean if it was they won’t get covid, I would consider but they spread germs everywhere. Homeschool is amazing in Texas!!”

Mary Svetlik Watkins: “My kids are going back. Maddie needs the interaction. Joey is a senior.” Edward Gretchner: “For those going back, God be with them and the teachers that have to be there with them. Screw Trump!”

Luis Elizondo: “It’s to soon what an jerk kids are going to get sick

I think we need to be sure the info we have to base that decision is accurate. There’s too much mis- information out there. Personally,

I’d rather err on the side of caution because there’s no take backs.”

John Paul Ortiz: “I am not sending my kid to school”

Evangelina Flores: “I heard her say this morning there was no evidence that it wasn’t safe for children to return to school. Can she read? I have never seen such callous ignorance. Every parent would like their child back in school. Most children miss school. Is it a safe place to send them now and jeopardize life, education, the economy? NO! Children have parents. Parents work to keep the economy going and to supply their needs. Teachers have families. Teachers can contract Covid 19 and schools can run out of teachers. Teachers are not provided hazmat precautionary suits. All experts have laid out a plan to slowly return to school with less hours, alternate school days, distancing and fewer number of students per class and Integrated online classes. What is so hard to understand? I am baffled and bewildered with Betsy Devos willful lack of information, intellect, planning and responsibility for the safety of America’s children.”

Manny Santos: “Heck yeah… I’m a teacher and I wanna go back to work , IN THE CLASSROOM!”

Eric Tello: “Thank God for Home- schooling”