By Yvette Tello

I have a friend who has several bilingual employees who speak Spanish at work among themselves. Most of her workers speak little or no Spanish, and some have complained because they feel uncomfortable when they can’t understand the conversations going on around them. How should she handle this? Let’s talk about it…

Benjamin Godina: “It’s a war of words.”

Kelly Narvaez: “ I don’t see a big deal. A lot of my coworkers speak Spanish around me and it doesn’t bother me at all. Not sure why they feel uncomfortable. Unless they are speaking Spanish and staring at her then yea would make sense but if they are just making small talk then just go about your day.”

Diane Gonzalez: “Those days of not allowing Spanish speakers not to speak freely are long gone. They either have to learn or get their panties out of a wad.  They should not make the bilingual feel less than for being skilled at knowing two languages.   Corporate AMERICA recognizes the need and actually pays bilingual employees more. It’s a skill the people who know one language should strive to learn rather than make others feel that they’re offended that they don’t have that skill.”

Lisa Armendariz : “It’s the same thing when we go get our nails done “

Robert Garcia: “ Learn how to speak Spanish; all of us had to learn how to speak English when we were young.  So now,  Whites and Blacks will have to learn how to speak Spanish when they’re older”

Chris Jones : “Sounds like some people need to learn Spanish;  just saying”

Melissa Cuellar: “Although I don’t see anything wrong with co-workers speaking in their native tongue to each other ; But what really bothers me is that people (mainly Spanish speakers) look down on/judge people who don’t speak Spanish. And this coming from me, who was raised in a predominantly Spanish speaking home. If I were to move to another region/country, I would make it a point to learn their main language. And they should too, I’ve seen many Spanish speakers scoff at the fact that someone can’t speak Spanish to them; and it’s not right.

They should learn to speak English, the main language of the United States “

Al Martinez: “ Mind your own business.  it’s a conversation between a and b.”

Kristina Zavala: “ I do think it’s rude when people continue to talk in a different language in front of other people. Especially if they can speak English. It just seems obvious that they’re saying something that they don’t want you to understand. I was talking to my friends about a challenge where people secretly record when people do this.. upload the video and have people translate. We were laughing because we could just imagine what they say in nail salons. I understand that people can speak any language they want…but it’s still a lil rude to do it.”

Bradley Veloz Jr. :“Sounds like some serious cultural sensitivity should take place; just saying”

Adelfa Reyna: “Take a Spanish class”

Sam Garcia: “America is made up of people who speak different languages.  Just learn to accept and move on..”

Terry Diaz-babida: “ They need to respect others not all speak or understand language”

Gracie Ortiz: “I’m bilingual I speak English all the time but when I’m around people who don’t understand English. I speak in Spanish to make them feel comfortable and also they don’t think we talking about them.. In the work setting, you should learn both languages so that way you can better service your clients or customers; depending where you work”

Noel Tello: “ As a Spanish speaking person, I feel it’s rude to speak Spanish around those that don’t understand. It’s really not necessary.”

Jazmin D Zuñiga : “I guess they don’t get their Nails done”