Jan. 2, 2022 we all woke up to one cold morning freezing temperatures and wind blowing, como la madre. But that did not stop low riding car clubs Suenos car club and Citywide car club from getting together and organizing a family event with Decon Tim McCarthy from Prince Of Peace Catholic Church, blessing their beautiful rides as well as any one who wanted their vehicle blessed.
This event had it all, free food, music, games, a free car show and great people, speaking of great people Constable Leticia Rodriguez Vazquez of Bexar County Precinct 2 brought their cruisers out to get blessed. Even though the morning was freezing and wind was, como la madre, by the afternoon the sun was out and it seemed as if the cold did not matter, the cars had been blessed, the food was almost done so now it was kickball time. It was the exhibition kickball game between Suenos and Citywide. The build up to this match was on display on facebook complete with meme after meme of hilarious copy and pasting. With players roasting each other I felt it was only right to have myself and Cleto Rodriguez do our very own San Anto style sports commentating. With hopes up high on both sides and the cars real low it was time to get down. I don’t wanna spoil it here so you can go to La Prensa Texas Facebook page under videos to watch this exciting game and listen to Cleto and myself do our best to keep it together and not die of laughter. Future plans for a tournament style full day of games in April be sure to follow La Prensa Texas on Facebook and Instagram.