Boys & Girls Clubs of San Antonio provides year round afterschool pro- grams to more than 8,500 youth ages 6-18 who may otherwise be home alone, unsupervised. These programs include homework assistance, col- lege prep, Fine Arts, STEM, a teach- ing kitchen, sports and recreation, and leadership programs focused on their academic success, healthy life- styles, and character development.

With the help of dedicated mentors and youth program facilitators, our Club members find caring, positive role models who inspire them to achieve their full potential in school and beyond. Last year, 99% of Club members stayed in school and suc- cessfully progressed to the next grade level on time, 99% improved their grades in basic skills courses, and 94% of high school seniors pursued higher education. The Boys & Girls Clubs of San Antonio is the fifth largest in the na- tion with six Clubhouses on the East,

West and South side of San Antonio, and Club programs in 43 schools in three school districts. Most of our families pay less than $50 a year for each child to attend a Club because we believe that a child’s zip code should not determine their chance for success. To learn more about enrolling your child or supporting Boys & Girls Clubs of San Antonio, visit