There are 14,000 immigrants marching to the land of opportunity. Some say this is the work of President Trump’s build the wall and others say it is part of George Soros’ open boards. Either or/or both, this caravan has tremendous implications to our country. It seems everybody has an opinion about this migration. But perhaps the only viewpoint that really matters is that of the Latinos that are here today. After all, it is these immigrants that represent a journey made by our ancestors, recently and many years ago. What do you think is happening and why? Let’s talk about it….

Greg Jordan: “ The legality is the issue here. There’s a correct, legal way to be granted asylum in our great and prosperous nation. These people are going about this the wrong way. The Federal Government knows nothing about these people. Are they child molesters? Rapists? Gang members? Who knows? The United States has a process for admission. These people should turn around and go home. We are struggling to help ourselves, how can we help them?”

Sandy Rodriguez: “It is so hard to decide; on one hand you can understand. They want a chance at a better life but how can they ever get a chance to apply? At the same time, not everyone deserves to be given the opportunity to apply”

Robin S. Tello: “I don’t like it. These immigrants are going to attack our borders illegally and who knows what kind if people they are? Rapists, murderers, drug dealers? They can possibly take our jobs away and we will have to provide our money to them. Remember that case with the immigrant that came back 5 times just to rape and murder an American woman? If they want to come into the US, do it right!”

Charles Cervantes: “One has to ask themselves are these people/family’s coming due to poverty, violence, corrupted government and how many were in prison, jails, gangs, only to come with ill/evil intent towards our children, Remember Fidel Castro cleaned out his Jails and prisons sending boat loads to the U.S.”

Carmen Madariaga: “The eminent danger of the infiltration of terrorists, and other criminal elements is very concerning in these numbers. I believe any human has a right to peruse a better standard of life. Yet, it seems very unfair to the many honest people who wait in line, and sacrifice to come in legally. There is no doubt this tremendous influx is organized, funded, and there is an agenda behind this. LET US PRAY FOR OUR NATION…Only GOD knows the heart and intentions of these people. May GOD have Mercy on those who are sincere in seeking a better standard of life without malice.”

Mary Svetlik Watkins: “There is a legal way to come to this country. Thousands do it every year.
My other concern is what is coming? Are the terrorists, criminals? Look at the mass exodus of people from Syria and what they did to Greece and Germany. Look at the Sudanese mess in Minneapolis.”

Carey Mabry: “We have this mass Exodus of a caravan headed here from the other side of the Mexico border. Logistically speaking, a person could feasibly walk 8 miles a day. A three month long trek? If it’s a short trek, there are other forces at play and people helping create this issue at hand. I am quite skeptical about the actual reasons why they are coming here. And with the amount of news this has created it would be quite easy for terrorists to mingle in with this caravan and attempt to get here.”