Breast Cancer… It has touched my life personally. My mother was diagnosed at the age of 39, my best friend at 45, my grandma at 50. I was 15 when my mom was diagnosed. It was the worst thing that had ever happened to us. This disease affects every nationality and every gender. Breast cancer is often found in later stages in men and women with smaller breast due to the density. This month is breast cancer awareness month. Obtaining resources for breast cancer patients is challenging for most women. The Latina community encounters additional obstacles to resources, care, and support, including a lack of information in Spanish, transportation, childcare during appointments, a culturally safe space for support groups, and funds to cover costs of medication. Yet according to recent studies, Latinas have a higher breast cancer mortality rate. Breast cancer is still the most common cancer among Latina women. Screening rates are often lower among Latinas because of limited access to insurance and healthcare. However, mammogram screening is very important because Latinas tend to be diagnosed at a younger age, at the later stage of disease, and with larger, higher grade tumors,”
While Latinas are becoming more aware of breast cancer, sometimes they are not comfortable communicating issues they are having with their physician, and this delays critical breast cancer screenings… Breast cancer changes your life and going to a support group helps reenergize it by allowing you to talk to others because you can’t always share these things with family; we don’t want them to worry. We need to encourage our grandmothers, mothers, sisters, friends to seek out these support groups. We need to educate ourselves about treatment and prevention. There are amazing alternatives compared to 20 years ago. Let us become aware and spread the awareness. To all Breast Cancer Survivors from us at La Prensa Texas, you are an inspiration and we are watching your every move. You are strong, beautiful and you are tough. You have come as close to death as you can come. It is an honor to have you in our community and our lives. Breast Cancer- it is an ugly monster but because our survivors fight like they do they are clothed with strength and dignity; they laugh without fear of the future.