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Recycling Surge with Online Shopping

By Yvette Tello This pandemic has changed the way we shop. Amazon is my go-to for everything possible. The problem is my recycle bin is full and I have so many cardboard boxes to get rid of and have not been able to because I have so many boxes a week.. Am I the only one with this prob- lem? Let’s talk about it… Letty Garcia Tijerina: “You’d think that Amazon would have drop off places for all of these boxes we get! They think of every- thing but this!” Mary Svetlik Watkins: “I love online grocery shopping. No...

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Are We Doing All We Can Do?

By Yvette Tello I just spoke to a Director at Haven for Hope. I asked  how many confirmed cases they have had of the coronavirus. There are 1700 people on this campus. Not one! I was in disbelief and so happy to hear this. They credit this to following COVID protocol that has been put in place by the CDC, the Mayor and the County Judge and they require every person entering the campus to have their temperature checked. Any person with a fever will be denied entry and sent to Centromed to be tested and cleared for re-entry....

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By Yvette Tello A very good friend of mine wanted to give me some well intended advice. He said I should tread lightly when supporting those apart of the LGBTQ community. He said other organizations that support my newspaper may take offense and choose not to do so anymore. Initially, I thought he was kidding. You see, my friend that is telling me this is a gay elderly man. I didn’t know how to respond so I just said I can’t stop being me even if that means I offend people by doing that. I support causes, good people;...

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By Yvette Tello We all want a better tomorrow for our children. We want them to do better than we did and have more than we have ever had. Some parents think college is the only way they can do accomplish this. What do you want for your children and how do you expect them to accomplish this? Trade school? Hard work? Apprenticeship? College? Let’s talk about it… Kelli Arguello: “I think whatever makes them happy and they can support themselves then they should do it. I support  whatever decision they make. College is not for everyone.  There is no right or wrong answer to this question. It’s hard because we want them to have it all. I pray that my husband and I have raised them right.” Argentina Caudillo Faberlle: ”My son graduated last year and I’m pushing for college because I do feel that’s the only way. I sometimes dont know what to feel because I want him to be happy but I want so much for him.  He is my first baby so I want to lead him in the right direction…I always hear what a good young man he is and I take it as assurance that I did something right so far. I pray that he always makes right decisions. Noel Tello: “ College does open more doors and gives one better choices. However,...

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Community Resolutions

By Yvette Tello I spoke to an elderly lady who has lived in the same house or whole life on the westside of San Antonio. She shared with me that before she leaves this earth, she would love to see the potholes on her street repaired. She doesn’t drive anymore but said it would be such a blessing for her neighbors to not suffer the recurring damage to their vehicles. (the potholes are bad). Her comadre chimed in and said she would like to see a park or community center closer to their homes for the kids to be...

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