By Yvette Tello

43% of bullied students report notifying an adult at school about the incident. Students who report higher rates of bullying victimization are more likely to report the bullying. This week a Middle school student gets 27 stitches after being slashed with razor at school. Is this getting worse?  Are we addressing this? What can we do? Let’s talk about it..

Jesus Tello: “ He already knew what was going to happen and didn’t say anything. Damn, next time he needs to speak up”

CeCe Bloom: “ Man, that’s assault with a deadly weapon on top of being on school premises!! Those kid’s need to be charged! Prayers for this young man and his family!!! This mother failed to listen to her son!”

Chena Flores: “Oh heck no. If my kid didn’t wanna go to school bc of bullies, you betta know I’m gonna cause a scene the next day and keep him safe with me till it’s fixed.”

Virginia Ann Sherwood :“This is sad that it had to come to this no one deserves that. I have one of my adopted daughters that she had a girl at school fallowing her and she found out that supposedly she wanted to fight her lucky that we have taught her if she cant speak to a teacher right away she texted us and we were able to get a hold of the principal and got to the bottom of it where it comes to be that the girl didn’t want to fight her that it was a mutual girl that was instigating the whole thing so they would fight. We have to talk to our kids and listen.”

Jane Consolie: “ When your child is saying he/she doesn’t want to go to school, PLEASE stop and listen to find out why. Take it from someone that was not listened to and was getting her head slammed against the cider block bathroom walls. There is always a good reason for children to now want to go to school and it is usually because they are getting bullied”

Blake Luce : “Well that kid who did that, just earned him self some time. A long time behind bars. Or at least should be.”

Paul Crow Castillo : “This is but only one reason why kids from 11 years of age and on should be charged as adults, the kid that slashed this other boy ”KNEW EXACTLY WHAT HE WAS DOING WITH THAT RAZOR, therefore he should be charged with attempted murder with a deadly weapon, if he thinks of himself as a real tough guy, put him in prison with the general population so he can show all the cons there, 10 years in prison ought to do it to show just how tough he really is, this young criminals who will someday be grown up criminals need to be punished the same way that the older ones,,, remember that a12 year old boy will kill you just as dead as a 40 year old criminal”

Jules Estrada: “ Listen to your child if they ask to stay home or say they have a stomach ache that’s a sign of anxiety. Talk to your child. So sad. I hope the school and the other child is held responsible.”

Cristella Morales : “ Oh no as a parent I did what I had to do when my kids went to elementary and middle school I make sure no one Messed with them. I was bullied in elementary and middle school and high school I know how it feels ..I hate bullies”

Arceo Anthony: “ And another reason why I put my son in boxing; he will not be a victim”

Annette Rodriguez: “ Listen to your children! This little boys throat could have been slashed! Im glad whomever was responsible is facing charges! When your child is saying he/she doesn’t want to go to school, as a parent it’s your responsibility to find out why! She’s lucky she’s not burying her son because she chose to NOT listen!”

Leonard R. de Hoyos Bless this kid. My heart send prayers go out to him. May who ever did this him get the punishment he deserves. People please do not avoid outcries from you children. This is just plain mean and evil.

Ramona Frett: “ Parents and children who are comitting these crimes need t be held accountable. These bad behaviors are learned behaviors and if they doing it now, imagine what will happen when they call themselves adults.”

Kel Grubh : “Another reason why I home school.”

Waven Boone Amazing: “ The school should be held responsible and the student who did this should be in jail, (minor or not.)”

Crissy Reed: “ He must of known something was coming to begged not to go to school. Listen to your kids. School isn’t what it used to be. I understand why so many choose home school now.”

Jamie D. Mercado: “ Sad to hear this. Prayers to the boy and his parents that he had to undergo this. The two boys accused of doing this should be treated as adults. They are over the age of reasoning. Send them to prison and lock them up for a long time. Make sure these two accused reimburse him for all his medical expenses in they are out if prison and start working. Also get them to pay pain and suffering for what he underwent.”