By Yvette Tello

Do you think it way off for Bexar County to kick off its disparity study that is examining an overtly  Latino population with a project team of 6 African Americans,  3 Indian Americans, 2 Anglos and only 1 Hispanic? The purpose of the Study is to determine whether a Government Agency has discriminated against certain groups due to their race or gender. I can’t imagine Atlanta would be okay with a project team of 6 Latinos, 3 Indian Americans, 2 Anglos and only 1 African American being hired to perform a disparity study on the mostly Black community?  What do you think? Let’s talk about it..#letstalkaboutit

Gregory Johnson: “ You have a valid point, however this has been going on at the Local, State and Federal level for years now. Decisions are being made by individuals who don’t have a clue. Sad.”

Mike Miller : “Aren’t we supposed to be adulting when it comes to things like this?  The people picked to conduct the study should be upstanding and non bias. The race should not matter. However, that being said, I dont see that happening and too often, race takes little thought to throwing their own race out with the bath water.”

Mary Svetlik Watkins : “Hispanic is not a race – it is Caucasian; I think the commission should mirror the population.”

Javier Antonio Guzman: “ How much is this study going to cost? That should be the first question.”

Rick Carter: “ I probably know half those people in the study, they don’t have anything better to do.”

Monica B Rite Brite: “ If it is an overly Latino population, then the members of the team clearly represent the minority population. On the other hand, it almost sounds like the study is to see if the Latino population is committing the discrimination. Might need to dig deeper…”

JoAnn Rodriguez: “ I don’t think Atlanta would even attempt it.”

Alex Garcia: “ Who chose the team? How were they qualified? If they are vetted properly, race shouldn’t matter.”

Denise Johnson: “ Wasn’t it you, Yvette Tello,  who wrote  about the crabs in the bucket effect? Latinos think they get ahead by pulling each other down so maybe this study might be non bias with less Latinos on this team.”

Julissa G: “ Not all Latinos are trying to pull their people down. There are some of us who believe in building our people up!”