I was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, a sunny, cultura-rich land where la gente are the majority. As a child I spent my days doodling unicorns and puppies and people and anything that caught my fancy. Drawing was my life, and I dreamed of one day being an artist.

After high school, I left town for a bit to attend Yale University, but ran back to Texas as soon I’d tossed my graduation cap in the air. I got a “real” job in advertising, where I met my wonderful husband Victor. In 2005 I got a little brave and decided to step into art full time, for the first time. I spent a year re-creating the Mexican Loteria, updating it to reflect the symbols and culture I knew – the “Tex Mex” version. The My Loteria game and corresponding line of kitchenware appeared in H-E-B grocery stores and boutiques around the country…it was pretty cool 🙂

Fast forward a couple years and Vic and I decided it made perfect sense to move to the middle of nowhere and sell ice in the desert. More on that adventure here.

A baby later and with one more on the way, we decided to come back home to San Antonio to be closer to family. I landed my dream job as the Marketing Director of The DoSeum, San Antonio’s Museum for Kids. Life was good.

But I knew deep down in my heart of hearts that I needed to give my art another try.

So here I am. A mom to two awesome girls, a muralist, portrait artist, wife and West Texas addict.

Please consider commissioning a portrait of a loved one (human, pet, place, whatever moves you.) Or maybe you just want to look. I appreciate your support.

Photo Caption: Cristina Noriega instructs her daughter Paloma as they work on “Si Se Puede,” part of the Girl Scout mural wall.