Early voting for San Antonio City Council has begun with 60 candidates on the ballot, vying to be in a possible run-off and on the May 4th ballot. With as many as 10 candidates for one slot and as few as only two candidates for one slot, the races are energized and unpredictable.

In the Mayor’s race of nine candidates, seven candidates have run before either for Mayor or Councilperson. This includes Toni Diaz, self-employed, Dr. John Velasquez, Psychologist, Matt Pina, political scientist, Ron Nirenberg (current Mayor) Bert Cecconi, Veteran & retired Dentist, Councilman District 6, Greg Brockhouse, political consultant, and Michael “Commander” Idrogo, Veteran. First timers include Carlos Castanuela, Toyota Inspector, and Tim Atwood part-time Spanish teacher.

Moving on to District 1 with nine candidates as well, Brad Kessler, contractor, Justin Holley, business owner, Alan Dennis Inchaurregui, retired military educator, Ray Zavala, retired, Lauro Bustamante, attorney, Roberto Trevino, District 1 Councilman, Architect, Colton Unden, Barista, Oscar Magana, Trade Specialist, and Richard Gonzales, disabled.

Going into District 2 we have 10 candidates: Walter Perry, student, Denise Gutierrez-Homer, artist, teacher, designer, Jada Andrews-Sullivan, Veteran & motivational speaker, Richard Anthony Ramey, student, Keith Toney, retired, Joseph Powell, seasonal labor, Ruben Arciniega, coordinator @ UTSA, Aubry Lewis, Denver Hts Association President, Dereck Hillver, Ret. Firefighter, Salena Santibanez Guipzot, self- employed.

Next is District 3 Councilwoman incumbent Rebecca Viagran, real estate, & Elizabeth “Liz” Campos, real estate. Followed by District 4, Adriana Rocha Garcia, Assistant Professor @ OLLU, Johnny Arredondo, retired teacher & college basketball official, Genevieve Trinidad, retired educator, Joel Mendoza, sales, Samantha “Sami” Sanchez, quality & proposal specialist.

District 5 incumbent Shirley Gonzales, pawn shop owner, Jilma (Jill) Davila, self-employed, Anthony Gres, business owner, Nazirite Ruben Perez,  SA River Authority Board member & Faroog Malik, finance.

District 6 contenders Melissa Cabello Havrda, attorney & Andy Greene, certified public accountant, Mario Adame, after-school -program specialist, & Robert Herrera, federal gov’t.

Moving on to District 7 we have incumbent Ana Sandoval, Will Mcleod, a Journalist, Kimberly Grant, Self-Employed & Trevor Whitney a public relations person. In the 8th Council slot, we have Frankie Gonzales-Wolfe, business owner, Manny Pelaez current Councilman, Tony Valdivia, USAA Analyst.

Moving on to District 9 is incumbent John Courage, former educator, Richard Reza Versace, personal trainer, Patrick Von Dohlen, Co-founder of San Antonio Family Association. Lastly, for District 10 the incumbent & Air Force Veteran, Clayton Perry is running for re-election, Maria Perez, self-employed, Elise Kibler, dietician, Reinette King, health consultant, & Linda Montellano, claims.

Of the 60 candidates running for Council & Mayor, 33 are listed as Hispanic, which is half of the candidates. It would be totally amazing if every seat was won by a Hispanic candidate although very unlikely that would happen. But miracles do happen.

Unfortunately, I now live in Helotes and can’t vote for any of them. I do know a number of them and have taken photos of many of them as well. I also believe there are many strong candidates in each race. May 4th will tell the tale.

Early voting is in full swing. It is up to the voters to decide who will make it to the run-off or win it outright & who is elected. Having been a candidate on more than one occasion for City Councilman in Balcones Heights, I know the pressure. I did my best and lost 3 times. However, I came back and won 4 times!  Some of the candidates on this ballot have run more than once.

Prime Minister Winston Churchill in England back during WW 2 lost his seat once and came back stronger than the first time in the mix. He is quoted as telling college students at a graduation ceremony, “Never give up, never give up, never, never, give up.”

As always, what I write is “Just a Thought.”