Would you know what to do if your adult child was found having a mental or emotional breakdown and taken to a mental hospital? Did you know that there are laws that do not allow information to be given to the parents or spouse? So what do you do? I truly do not have the answer and someone I know went through this just last week. The child was manic and not in the right state of mind so did not ask for the spouse or parent. Later, the person was released because “they were fine.” They were found later lost and disoriented across town. The hospital followed every legal regulation. What would you do? Let’s talk about it…

Mary Svetlik Watkins:
“We went through this with my brother in law this past fall. There’s not much you can really do if the child is an adult because of HIPPA unless you have a medical power of attorney. If there is evidence of harm and irrational decision making, you can petition the court for power of attorney but it is difficult unless there is history.”

Benjamin Godina:
“I found out some time ago that school counselors have confidentiality between students and schools.”

Julie Lopez Kos:
“Sometimes a student may be experiencing some type of abuse or being traumatized by a family member or members, and is afraid to go forward with any information about it. So they need to gain trust, and protect them and begin to take action. If not? Then school is part responsible if something happens to the student because it was ignored…”

Chavez Stephanie:
“Have him give permission for a parent to get information. I would do a power of attorney if it’s very very serious and feels it will worsen. I just went through this & yes it is very hard. But continue to be at their every visit following etc…”

Nina A. Sanchez:
“I’m kinda going through something like this with my mom.”

Monica Acosta-Zamora:
“Having one’s loved one’s confidence is paramount. One of my children has high functioning autism. He’s always trusted me, although, I try to give him his space. I’m the person who usually takes him to the doctor. He’s always given me permission to access his medical records. However, you pose an important question. Had we not had that relationship, I wouldn’t have been able to get him admitted to a medical facility, when he had a depressive breakdown and hospitalized. I’ve given my daughter access to make decisions for me in the case that I’m not able. This is something we should all be cognizant of and take action on. I have a living will. However, my family doctor retired, and I’m left wondering if it’s still valid. Thank you for posting this.”