Interview by Roy Aguillon
Article by Celinda De La Fuente

Chicharrones are a breakfast staple at any Mexican restaurant and a delightful crunchy snack in any household. But chocolate covered chicharrones? Yes, we have to say that one twice for the people in the back. Chocolate. Covered. Chicharrones. Don’t knock it till you try it. I have personally tried three of their four flavors, which include: Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Dark Chocolate with Chili, and White Chocolate, and can attest to the ingenuity of the new snack which is 1 mas sabroso. Enrique Trevino is the man behind this mad idea. Though people told him he was crazy, and the very thought of chocolate covered pork rinds sounded disgusting, he ventured on this journey despite the negativity, and you can now purchase these snacks at local farmer’s markets or contact them on instagram @thoughtfulsnacks.

Trevino and his parents now work together, nonstop, to manage the continuous orders coming their way. They buy their pork skins wholesale and air fry so there is less fat. Trevino credits his dad with much of the work such as handling the orders and about 60% of the process of making the Coco Chops, including air-frying them and setting up at the farmer’s market. Trevino’s job is to cover the chicharrones in chocolate and package them. His mom will help sell them at the farmer’s market. Every step is done with care. It’s a beautiful thing to see familia come together, and work together for one purpose, for one goal.

What words of wisdom can manito, Enrique Trevino, impart on our readers? “Don’t give up on your vision,” Trevino states. Even when his mom thought chocolate covered air-fried chicharrones seem gross, Trevino continued with his innovative idea. He leaves us with these words, “Don’t give up, no matter how crazy the idea.” So, for all of you 2por todos los que están locos 3Sigue Adelante!

1very tasty
2who are crazy,
3keep going forward!