Tommy Calvert, the County Commissioner that represents the AT&T Center where the Spurs Play, had extremely positive talks with Spurs management over the last week. Calvert requested Derrick Howard, Executive Director of the Coliseum/AT&T Center grounds, give an update to the Bexar County Commissioners Court about the recent collaboration between the County, Spurs, and Rodeo on improvements to the Coliseum on Tuesday, May 17, 2022. Calvert believes that voter support of future improvements to the arena, which by the time the lease is up in ten years; would be about 30 years old, would need to include something for the average working person.
“Building parking garages with housing on top that 70 percent of the working people can afford would make people feel like they have a shot at receiving some benefit from their own taxpayer dollars for arena improvements,” explained Commissioner Calvert. He continued, “The Venue
Tax Law that was written by Senator Van de Putte and Rep. McClendon and other tools at the County’s disposal gives us the freedom to deliver major benefits to the average working person while finally fulfilling the County’s role in economic development around the arena—a promise the County never fulfilled.”
As part of the Commissioner’s vision, Calvert believes offering the Spurs the first opportunity to have equity in the housing, restaurants, office space, retail, and entertainment businesses, also can help provide additional revenue to the team and make the asking price for an out of town buyer more expensive—helping to keep the Spurs in San Antonio.
Commissioner Calvert has allocated $250,000 for consultants to develop plans for restaurants, entertainment venues, housing, and other potential revenue streams the Spurs and the County can share along with the Rodeo.
Calvert has worked with Halff Engineers on a concept called “River East” that uses an 80 million dollar drainage tunnel to take property along Salado Creek near the AT&T Center out of the flood plain. This plan would also put the City’s Willow Springs Golf Course into play for development with the County, City, and the Spurs for real estate development of housing, hotels, restaurants, office space, and more; pending voter approval or state legislative action to develop the golf course. Calvert has encouraged City officials to use zoning powers to prevent displacement of existing residents along with increased affordable housing plans from the County.