This week I received an email from Legislative Black Caucus:

“Our hearts ache for Uvalde, Texas. As chair of the Legislative Black Caucus, I too am frustrated by the lack of progress in implementing gun safety policy. Instead of making empty promises or arming more people, why don’t we look at common sense solutions that work? Why do we accept a government that allows an 18 year old to buy an assault rifle, but not tobacco products? The hypocrisy of the government is deafening. We can develop gun policy that does not infringe upon one’s constitutional right, while preserving and protecting life; that’s called multitasking and we can do that.”

At the same time, Jim Jordan (Republican-OHIO) complained that Democrats were rushing to pass gun safety laws following the massacre.

What do you think? Let’s talk about it….

Gene A. Gomez: “Assault weapons have no business on the streets of America. We should research other countries and their gun laws and follow some of their laws. It just might put a stop to these mass shootings. Aren’t we tired of this? I mean think about how simple this fix is. Our leaders need to make it damn near impossible to purchase and own a gun like this. Assault rifles and ammo shouldn’t be sold to the public.”

Tracy Evans: “Columbine was 23 years ago. Sandy Hook was 10 years ago. We don’t need thoughts and prayers from politicians. We need action. This is not a rush to pass gun safety. This is long overdue.”

Barbara Gunn Rhodes: “Repugs wouldn’t change a thing even if it happened to their own kids or family. They don’t care!”

Elaine Kabat: “23 YEARS since Columbine….that’s no rush job…that’s GOP stall tactics.”

Joanne McConville: “The Dems have been “rushing” since Sandy Hook!”

Gabrielle Weafer: “No problem ignoring sexual abuse. No problem trying to overthrow America’s democracy. No problem lying through his teeth. No problem doing what he needs to support a criminal enterprise of Trump. Jim Jordan has no problem being a criminal enterprise for his career. The Mafia would have been proud to have him as one of their own.”

Jeffrey Sanderson: “As long as the “non-profit” NRA is allowed to continue to “lobby” (bribe) the Right, the few Right will continue to stall. Jim said raising the age to 21 is unconstitutional but where is the age mentioned in the constitution?”

Gail Aubertin: “:Here is a suggestion: anyone taking money from gun lobbyists for the NRA should not be able to vote on any reform because of conflict of interest.”

Don Powis: “Jimmy what will work? More assault rifles for duck hunting?”

Diane Thrasher-Staats: “ How many more massacres need to happen, for you to consider enough is enough? Ever seen a child’s body so mangled, that they had to swab DNA from the parents, to be able to identify what once was a child? But now a bloody pulp?”

Stewart Wagner: “Twenty years seems plenty of time for republicans to come up with a solution. What do you have, ranking members?”

Kathleen Lutz: “It could be your child next. This is not a political issue. It is a right to Life issue!”

John A Fitzgibbons: “Term limits please.”

Barbara Makuck: “Republicans don’t care if your children are dying”

Larry Stein: “You mean rushing after this current horrific event, or from the last one, or the one prior to that one, or the one prior to that one, or the one prior to that one (on and on) asking for a bunch of friends.”

Kris Keith: “Nothing like politicizing the death of children.”

John Hott: “Working to disarm the American public one tragedy at a time.”

Mike Giordane: “To vote and to buy guns, a person should be working for more than 1 year. Those actions are for real adults!”

Franklin Hix: “What’s needed is crime talks and mental health actions!”

Richard Doyle: “Maybe we should start clothing our children in ballistic cloth and start ROTC training in kindergarten.”

Fern Torres: “I was reading how medics described the scene at that school and they said some of these kids were almost decapitated with the wounds from the weapons used. That was tough to read. Something has to be done about these weapons.”

Brad Birchfield: “Why don’t we demand that Congress stop sending our tax money to every country on planet earth for foreign aid, and use it to make our schools safer? Just a thought.”

Nicole Martens: “There is no gun problem (inanimate objects don’t act). There is a society problem (depraved hearts harm others). Making people defenseless doesn’t stop criminals from being violent.”

Sherlyn Meiers: “Shotguns must be “plugged” to prevent firing more than three rounds before reloading to give those duckies a chance to fly away. The AR15 can fire 45 rounds a minute. If it’s modified with a bump stock it can shoot 400 rounds or more per minute, so the “well regulated militia” can target more kids.”.

Barry Chapman: “Due to the fact that the GOP is in the pocket of the NRA.”

David Wood: “I’ve got one easy one: Enforce existing laws.”

Jerem Fabiano: “GOP lawmakers have blood on their hands. The new Taliban, the do nothing party, anti women party, pro-death party and talibangelical party.”

Jerry LaCouture: “So, just as a reminder, last weekend there were 47 shootings in Chicago…one of the strictest gun law cities with the most shootings. Oh, that’s right, we don’t talk about that on this page.”

Christine Byrnes: “The current bill coming out of the House committee does little on assault weapons — they refuse to ban assault weapons for fear of alienating voters who weren’t planning to vote for them in the first place.”

John Stevens: “If Congress wants to limit the purchase of firearms to those over 21 because, if you are under 21 you are too irresponsible at that age to have guns, then they are also too irresponsible to vote. So I am fine with raising the age to 21 to purchase firearms as long as we raise the age to vote to 21 as well.”

James Kwon: “I am sure all you are concerned about is the massive shooting deaths of young black males in Chicago/NY/Philly/Detroit/LA every day. I don’t see your post attacking the Democratic party that controls the state’s and the horrific job they are doing with crime. Soft on crime Democrats let violet gun criminals out every day. Are you concerned where they got their guns ? I am sure they did not walk into a gun store and show ID and a background check. Fact less than 4% bought the guns retail !!!”