San Francisco has gone on a 24 hour lock down for three weeks.  If this happens here in San Antonio, and it is very much a possibility, are you prepared? What are you doing to prepare? Let’s talk about it…#letstalkaboutit

Mary Svetlik Watkins: “ San Francisco is a literal crap box. You can legally defecate in the street there.

People need to stay home. Stop this before it really gets out of hand. In 2009, H1N1 was a novel coronavirus. We didn’t do anything to stop it and hundreds of thousands people died. Stay inside.”

Luann DeLashmit Stewart : “People…get over this crap. Quit panicking. This is way out of control. Ridiculous.”

Paulina Martinez:  “‘We can’t find antibacterial anything,’ said Ceasar Zepeda, chef and owner of Sangria on the Burg and Alamo Biscuit Co.” <— Which is ridiculous because Sars-CoV-2 is a VIRUS, not a bacteria.”

Katie Cantu: “The 15 days to slow the virus that Trump and Pence kept on reiterating today doesn’t seem so bad.”

: “ I don’t think the government should have the power to close a private business.”

Elizabeth Ritchie: “ If you’re thinking about going out to eat take out from your restaurant. Give them the business they need and deserve”

Steven Salinero: “ Death of what. What about the death of people? Dont yall get it yet?”

 John Lozano: “ We have been preparing for this for years. We have a shed full of non perishables and bottled water. We are fully stocked with paper goods.”

Jenifer Peres: “ I didn’t want to believe this was going to get to this extreme. Now, we can’t find anything at the grocery store. The lines are insane and the shelves are bare.”

Janie Estillas: “This will never happen here. “

Denise Rivas: “ I have self quarantine. We are no longer exposing our family to the public. This is real and lock down is coming.”