By Yvette Tello

According to President Trump and Politicians, Elders should take one for the team, businesses should be able to bring employees back in a week or two. What do you think? Let’s talk about…

Nina A. Sanchez : “Screw him…I hope he loses this election this time. There are no words to explain our President. He’s really something else. He says all this will be all over by Easter…he wants to open everything by then. “Oh yes Mr. Present, just because YOU said.” It’s like he’s telling people that if you take “this” it will help you from getting it…or him telling people he’s not a medical professional but FDA…they don’t know anything. I can’t believe people are listening to him. The first mistake people made besides electing him as President , was listening to him say that what was going on in China back in January, was a hoax. .Now look where we are.”

Rosie Gonzalez: “He wants everything done and back to normal on Easter. Really? So he can go on every medium of communication and declare himself the savior of the USA. Wake up people!”

Barbara Mendoza Mead :”Taking words out of context?”

Thomas Mc: “ I’m shut in until May. The last person I’m listening to is the idiot in charge. Everyone else feel free to do what you want . Boomer Trump supporters go for it, go out, go back to work, go back to crowds…. I’m done trying to educate ignorance. 50k infected in NY and they haven’t even peaked yet…. You think that’s gone in two weeks? Cool story .”

Darwin Walker : “Sad”

Hope Robinson: “The only way to slow spread is by keeping people separated. Health professionals say too early to predict when. Areas that start isolating early have fewer cases. Besides I don’t have any trust in anything that man says.”

Lonnie Bradley: “I’ve read several articles about it and watched his press conference. He’s not talking about everything going back to the way it was before. It’s a limited lifting of federal restrictions, independent of what individual states are doing. Don’t listen to one source for your information, especially in these times when your actual life may depend on the decisions being made.

The biggest problem with the quarantine is long term unemployment. No money means no food for most people. Obviously, some are going to last longer than others, but I know if I am out 3-4 weeks with no pay, I’m out of food, Probably can’t pay water or electric bills, and my phone will be getting shut off so I can’t even call. I know some of the bills can be deferred by calling and saying you’re out of work because of the virus, but they ain’t delivering food for free.

IfChristopher Jasso: “ the entire country is on lockdown for three weeks I’d probably say it could be possible, but realistically, with only parts shutdown, you open up to business as usual it will make it worse and it will spread back into areas that tried to stop it, just common sense, this will come back to bite us in the ass because there are not enough testing and enough preventive gear to protect 1st responders and doctors, when the health care collapses it will get out of control, to be honest sounds like he is more interested in the economy and stock market than the people, you have to be in reality, no treatment or vaccine, it only takes one infected person to walk back into san Antonio, a church, mall store, traveling trucker and boom in three weeks after Easter it will be worse than it is now..the actual professionals say 10 weeks if we do things right, any sooner we are looking at August or later, personally lockdown everything for a month get it over with and see where we are from I have said before in December the stock market was gonna take a big hit soon, nobody listened then and here we are, what I see things aren’t being contained right and opening up too soon will hurt more later, but hey I’ll tell you later I told you so.”

Molly Jiang: “It’s not going to go away In 2 weeks.
China was shut down for 2 months and they are just now going back to work. One month of no new infection.”

John Kelly: “Trump never said that but the idiot in Texas did.”

Beverly Brook: “Many were quick to oppose the president’s statements that he “hopes” to open up the economy by Easter. Whether or not that’s a realistic timeframe will remain to be seen in the upcoming weeks. He clearly indicated he’d work with health officials to make those determinations, this was simply what he was aiming for. And why wouldn’t he set goals? You can’t stay home and have your bills paid for an undetermined amount of time (if you’re even that fortunate).I’m not in any way minimizing the urgency or seriousness of this event. I don’t want people to die or unnecessarily become ill; nor am I implying that one life is greater than another. I support the measures in place now. I’m just saying that aggressive measures now mean sooner returns to work. And in some cases, decisions will need to be made to put people back to work sooner than they may prefer. Just how long do people expect they can go without being paid or without bringing in revenue for their own businesses- many of which are doing everything they can to keep some or all of their staff employed? Some will be bankrupt before these restrictions are lifted. If we think things are bad now they’ll be exponentially worse if we don’t treat BOTH containment of the virus AND economic recovery problems simultaneously.”

Jonathan Dunn: “The economy likes bad news more than uncertainty. Trump I’m sure knows this. Notice how much the market came roaring back today? Trump is balancing the psychology of the country, the economy, and the health crises. At the end of the day, some experts will have to be ignored. Economic ones? Medical ones? That’s the job of leadership.”

Michael Dees: “Go back to when FDR said what he said almost a 100 years ago, like FDR, he is trying to paint a positive picture and give people ” HOPE”. . We can’t submit to the disease and at the same time not be submissive to it. Life will move on, we will move on., please stay take care of yourself and your loved ones !”