By Yvette Tello
As case numbers rise, the coronavirus that has killed at least 123,000 Americans. As numbers surge do you still think the Coronavirus numbers are really being made up? Let’s talk about it,

Barry Millbourn: “The real numbers are assuredly much higher than the official count.”

Tonya Washington: “How many of the 100k deaths are “related to” or “presumptive” or “associated with” or “linked to” or “connected with” or etc etc? Anything to get the numbers up.”

Thad Daly: “Always post infects but never survivals or survival rate..99.8%”

Greg Guerrero: “Family and friends this covid thing really sucks… I went and got tested just as a safety precaution and I have tested positive for covid. Its going on 4 days since my test day and I do not have any symptoms. Only symptom (and thats if you want to call it symptom) that I have experienced is that my knees were hurting really bad one day last week. So I am under quarintine for 14 days, go get tested even though you ain’t showing symptoms. I just pray and hope I have not contributed to spreading or passed it to someone and they have gotten sick. Be safe my family and friends. Will keep yall posted… Just better to know and be safe than sorry and to protect your loved ones”

Timoteo Suazo: “Record surge of new infections due to record testing to uncover asymptomatic infections. There is no surge in hospitalizations or deaths. This record surge shows that mortality rate continues to fall.You should follow the guidelines set up by President Trump’s Corona virus task force back in February:

1) If you are sick stay home.
2) don’t be around sick people
3) don’t touch your face while in public
4) wash your hands often
5) stay away from crowds. I would also add wear a mask although the ex- perts keep changing their minds about that one, and don’t delude yourself into thinking the virus doesn’t go to protests.”

John Parker: “ No hospital surge? Tell that to Houston”

V.T. Belsaw: “Tell that to AZ. Az is at 87% ICU capacity of covid patients right now. Hospitals are filling up w covid positives.”

Dan Mason: “Houston health officials fear George Floyd protest crowds caused coronavirus surge… The Houston Health Department reported 337 new CO- VID-19 cases, bringing the city’s total to 7,743. The total of new cases is from two days of reporting. The Houston Health Department reports two deaths, increasing the city’s total to 131 deaths. The Mayor said 30 of those deaths are associated with nursing homes and three from Harris County Jail. He said the patients, a white woman in her 80s and a black woman in her 70s, both had underlying health conditions. Tens of thou- sands of people attended the rally and marched through downtown Hous- ton. Many wore masks, though the size of the throng made distancing from others impractical. They marched shoulder to shoulder from Discovery Green west to City Hall.”

Steven Peter Rastus: “How to defend yourself against a Pandemic that is kicking your Ass(instead of doing something like the rest of the world)…1 blame protestors…2..convince yourself its all fake or wont come to you..3.. go cuddle your flag…4.. get insulted and pissed off.”