By Yvette Tello

There are many questions about the coronavirus. Is the food coming in or that people have eaten from gotten tested? Perhaps the virus spreads or lives in food/fruits.

According to the American Medical Association, viruses aren’t bacteria. They can’t survive long outside of a living host. So with that said, why is there such mayhem about getting things sent from China? Why the shortages? Why is everyone in such a panic? Let’s talk about it….

Benjamin Godina: “ Some people are just naturally wired that way. Panic. Anxiety. Hysteria.”

Mary Svetlik Watkins: “ The media likes to hype and encourage mass hysteria. Wash your hands!”

David Hall: “ China is using the plasma of recovered coronavirus patients to heal sick patients as it contains antibodies. This method was used by an African doctor to cure Ebola virus patients.”

Judy Bartelt Connor : “I’m more worried about the regular flu and how many die from that.”

Kara Harrison: “The death rate of the coronavirus is higher than the seasonal flu. There have been 32,000,000 cases of the flu this season and 18,000 deaths (from the CDC page) which is way less than 1%. Right now in the US there have been 105 cases of coronavirus and 9 deaths which right now is close to 10%. If you figure the amount globally it’s around 3% for the coronavirus which is considerably higher than seasonal flu. You can’t just look at the total numbers of deaths unless you take into consideration how many cases per deaths and figure it that way.”

Alison Colgrove: “And there are still unknowns about how it is spread, how long it lives on surfaces, etc. For example, it’s possible to be in the same house as someone with the flu and not get it, is the same true for this virus?”

Eric Hendrickson: “What’s the % of fatalities from the flu in the elderly… if isolated to retirement homes? Like I mentioned in an earlier post, by your study, the CV-19’s mortality rate in Illinois 0%/0 people. Right? That’s makes the flu more deadly in Illinois, again…by your metric.We all know that’s silly because of sample size and the type of patients infected. When comparing hundreds of thousands of flu cases in this country vs the 100 documented CV-19 cases….there just isn’t enough there to make heads or tails. If you take 2 cases of a cold virus of those 90+ years of age and one dies because it turns into pneumonia….you have a mortality rate of 50% from a cold. That’s obviously a crazy statement. Again, these are the types of heads or tails statements that you’re making from a virus that has 100 documented cases in a country of 370,000,000 people.”