By Yvette Tello
Is it just me or is there a whole lot of COVID19 shaming going on? It’s a virus and yes it can be serious for many but it’s not a stigma or some symbolism of bad decisions. I imagine these folks can use support more than they can use prognostication and judgment. One of my guys is showing symptoms. He went to get tested today. He started feeling them yesterday. So everyone he has had contact with could be exposed. We are all so careful. We wear masks, take precautions, wash our hands and don’t go anywhere we don’t need to. We are also essential workers so we have to go to work. I’m blessed to have a team that doesn’t need me on site so my risks are minimal but yet here we are. I think I’m more angry because one of his family members called him and started yelling at him because he had been around him and now he could have been exposed. It’s not his fault. He really is careful; all my guys are. Then one of the other guys on the team left because he felt uncomfortable. Damn fool! He was already exposed if he is positive. But we don’t know if he is positive and that’s the worst part of this mess. So, when we say we are in this together, we should really mean that. One of my friends said while her mother waited for her results when she was exposed, the family treated her this way; her own son. Have you gone through this? Is this normal? Let’s talk about it.

Joan Laws: “I think anger is a common reaction when someone feels fear. I know I’m afraid. None of us know how our body will react to the virus which makes it even scarier. So caution yes. Lots of caution. But yes to compassion too.”

Monica Monica: “Sorry to hear about that. I’ve experienced it but I didn’t get upset or blame anyone. Just prayed that they got better and that we wouldn’t get it.”

Sandra Luna Perez: “Praying that it’s negative. Have faith and be safe as I know you will. Sending you and your family prayers. Love ya!”

Benjamin Godina: “It’s not a matter of who but a matter of when. Everyone will eventually get it whether it’s positive or other. I don’t even honestly know if it even exists. It could be just the common summer cold. Those are tough too. Colds are contagious too. Be proactive.”

Elizabeth Ann Macias: “So get this.. my younger son woke up feeling horrible 11 days ago. I took him to get tested and they said we’d hear back in 5-7 days. No results yet, now today he is finally fever free x 3 days and able to come out of his room. We also found out he was previously exposed to a coworker who tested positive, and I am fairly certain he had/ has it. I took my OLDER son and myself to get tested LAST Monday, my results are negative, still haven’t heard about either kid. So of course my boss is asking about my results daily. Today I told her I found out I was negative. She was like, “So I’ll see you tomorrow?.’’What about my coworkers w comorbidities.. making them high risk? I don’t GET what people don’t understand. Our 14 day quarantine isn’t up yet, but MY test is negative. It’s bs, girl. Pure BS.”

Jazmin D Zuñiga: “Sorry to hear, it’s in my family already, my sister is waiting for her results.. My niece & kids tested positive but what makes me mad is that they have not been careful, they’ve had several parties since all this started, my niece was at two parties last Saturday and she found out Sunday and my mom was there too . My daughter is all worried. I had to tell her to stop stressing that they are all grown careless people. We have stayed away. I wear a mask every- where I go, which is mainly grocery stores, and use sanitizer before and after I enter the store. Again, when I get in my car and go straight to the sink to wash my hands when I get home! Take your supplements and oils for your immune system.” Greg Valdez Sr. “I hear you, my co-worker that works with me also got tested if he is, so am l and my family. Not good”

Joe D’Errico: “Except for those stupid college students that are having Covid parties.”

Bryan Parham: “Anyone one of us can get the virus and no need to shame anyone but to show them compassion ! I think no matter what one needs to keep their cool. A friend of mine tested positive a few weeks ago and he’s pretty much recovered now and the other four members in his family all tested negative!”

James A. Young: “Yes, you’re correct. Social shaming in full. It actually diminishes any truth of the matter, making the fight more important than the cause. It’s typical of any of their causes. They use Marxist tactics to shame people into submission. Control people because people can’t control themselves.” Ryan Mahler: “One thing is for sure, even the experts seem to have no idea what they are talking about, all the while were told to listen to the experts. Everyday the information changes.”

Bryan: “Yeah, definitely not cool. They definitely have more to worry about.”

B e v e r l y B a u g h m a n Brooks:“Indeed!!! That’s no different than shaming someone for getting cancer. How insensitive some people can be!”

Hope Robinson:“So sorry to hear you and your crew are going through this. It’s making everyone crazy. I have a nephew whose kids were playing on a traveling baseball team and 1 or 2 of the boys they shared a ride with became ill on the ride home from a game. The boys tested positive for Covid19. The parents of some of the boys were mad about it being reported and further games being cancelled. They believe it’s going to be around a long time and we should just go on like normal and let people get sick or die. We should learn to live with it. Many who are careful are becoming ill. Just wish those who still think it’s not serious or a hoax would get their heads out of their a##.”

Lila A’Giza: “I mean if you out conducting business on the regular because you are an essential work- er, how are you, anybody protected? All the masks in the world can only help you so much. You don’t know where others have been or what they have been exposed to. Hope it’s negative. Be safe and hope everyone’s well soon.”