Interview by Angel Contero
Article by Celinda De La Fuente

We have all experienced the burden of medical debt at some point in our lives, thus leading to added stress in our journey. Research tells us that two out of five Bexar County familias “are facing a financial crisis due to medical debt.” In San Anto alone, “over $100 million in medical debt is owed.” Noah Almanza, Director of Strategic Partnerships of LASO Health, works to relieve some of that stress para toda la gente.
LASO Health, a homegrown San Anto tech company, is an extension of South Texas Renal Care Group founded by Dr. R. Meza Mizani, which originated on the beautiful Westside of San Antonio. The organization is partnering with RIP Medical Debt to “buy and abolish $5 million dollars of medical debt by raising $50,000 over the next 90 days.” Their mission is about “expanding and empowering healthcare for all through transparency, access, and convenience.”
“We’re in the business, really, of ensuring that people have access to healthcare in a convenient way with no surprises that’s transparent,” states Almanza
If you have medical debt which has ended up in collections, you may qualify for this innovative program. Individuals who qualify for this debt relief will receive their “golden ticket”/ envelope in the mail which informs them that their debt is paid off. LASO Health also works to “to remove the barriers that stand between them and the direct Patient-to-Doctor healthcare relationship.” Thus, providing us with tools and access to resources to help ourselves.
“We want people to understand that there’s a different way to experience healthcare…We want to help our community.”
You can donate to their campaign, Debt Away SA, on their website. Donating $5 can help someone erase $500 of medical debt. Since it’s a 1:100 ratio, $1 is the equivalent to $100. LASO Health does not profit from this. 100% of the donations go to relieving medical debt for our comunidad.
So, let’s experience healthcare in a different way with LASO Health.

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