Interview by Julia Aguillon
Article by Jackie Velez

Isabella Pineda, fashion manager and content creator of Fashion Pixie, is living life in the slow lane, the Slow Fashion Movement that is.

Pineda was born in the United States and raised in Honduras. She came to San Antonio, Texas to study fashion management with a minor in business administration at University of the Incarnate Word and decided to stay in order to continue working on her passion for fashion.

Pineda started making her dreams in fashion come true and has been quite a busy lady.

“I am a fashion manager and content creator,” Pineda said. “I specialize in fashion, merchandising, and social media.”

So, what exactly does she do as a fashion manager? Well, many people confuse it with marketing, but that’s not what it is. While there are some similarities to marketing, Pineda distinguishes it to that of a business manager role.

Pineda runs her own fashion management small business, Fashion Pixie, which began as a blog. After about a little over a couple of years, she decided to start managing it more frequently during the pandemic. There was positive feedback on it, so she made it official and launched the website with a segment that she films called “Coffee with Jesus.” where she discusses her faith and her love for fashion as well as a variety of other topics.

Pineda also runs another small business called Build A Mask, where she creates masks out of recycled fabric made in Honduras and here in the United States! You can order a mask in any way you want it to look and it will be shipped to you. You can even order a mask with your name on it!

Pineda is a representative of the Slow Fashion Movement Latin America, an international movement that asks consumers to dedicate three months of their time to detox from buying any new fashion, and instead, find new ways to shop, such as buy vintage, rent clothes, or borrow from your friends and family. This detox accomplishes three main goals: stand up against fast fashion and pollution, make a connection with your clothes, and slow the consumption of fast fashion.

“We want to make our consumers more aware,” Pineda said.
Pineda is using her passion for fashion to make an impact on the world one piece of clothing at a time.

“Don’t be scared of what people think,” Pineda said. “Just do whatever you like and don’t use the “what ifs” of what people may think.”

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