Interview by Natasha Gonzales
Article by Celinda De La Fuente

Our collective struggle against Covid-19 is a fight we all need to win. Xavier Becerra, the 25th Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services for the Federal Government and the very first Latino to hold this position, is diligently working to “make sure every community has enough vaccines for the people who want to get vaccinated.”

“We want to be independent of Covid-19. We want to be free of it, and we want to be free to do as we choose without worrying that Covid will harm our families, perhaps take a life. And so, Independence Day takes on more meaning this year than perhaps ever before for a lot of Americans, and we hope everyone will help us be independent of Covid-19 by July 4th,” Becerra explains.

The month of action goal is to have 70% of the adult population inoculated with at least one Covid vaccine by Independence Day. Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations have dramatically decreased by 90% since the availability of the vaccines.

“We hope everyone takes advantage of the fact that the vaccine is not only safe, and it’s working, but it’s also free. No one has to pay, and we don’t discriminate. Everyone is entitled to be vaccinated.”

Regardless of your financial status or citizenship, this vaccine is for you. Free child care will be provided for those who need it so you are readily able to receive your vaccination. If you need time off of work or transportation to reach a vaccination site, that will be offered at your convenience. With the many on-site locations and mobile clinics, our government is providing us with the resources we need to be free of this detrimental virus.

“Right now, we have three vaccines that are being used in the United States that have all proven themselves very effective. They’ve been tested. They’ve gone through trials, and the Federal Government, through the FDA, would not have certified that they could be used in these circumstances of pandemic had they not gone through those trials and shown efficacy.”

The vaccine is safe for ages 12 and over, and is being tested to determine the safety for those younger. As a country, we are at about 64% of the adult population with at least one shot. The target is to have 70% of adult Americans with at least one shot in the arm by July 4th, 2021. We continue to see the decline of Covid-19 as we see an increase in those with vaccinations.
“We need you to get out there, help us meet that goal, because it’s not just good for America to make its mark, it’s good for Americans to be safe and be able to return to normal,” concludes Secretary Bercera.
So, gente, let’s do our part in making this an Independence Day para todos like never before, and become part of that 70% and more.