“This painting contains genderless silhouettes in a series of queered figures, with a color palette that references the pansexual flag and everything in between. Pan folx like me are those that love or are attracted to people regardless of specific anatomies or genders. I use color theory to discuss difference, sameness, and the necessity for us to love one another. When I make a painting that has a multitude of figures like this one, I’m thinking about concepts of collectivity versus solitude. I’m also always considering
dismantling constructs of social binaries, the middle ground, and the importance of healing and love. I also recognize where my art materials originate, relating each material to a part of my identity, and recognize when they stay separate or are mixed. I call these paintings “mestiza media” works, reclaiming the “mestizo” colonial caste label, and using it to partly replace the term “mixed media.” Accepting mixedness is also about embracing queerness and the fluid nature of identity.”

Acrylic, dyed corn husks, and oil on canvas
36 x 48 in.
Breathe Collective is a new BIPOC San Antonio-based artist collective made up of Anthony Francis, Audrya Flores, Ceiba Ili, Julysa Sosa, and Suzy González. They seek to offer creative experiences of reflection and healing for our communities.

Artwork descriptions left to right: Ceiba Ili, Protección de la Conexión, Photograph collaboration with Lupito Acuña, 2018 Julysa Sosa, The Eight Ancient Ancient Hands, Digital Illustration, 2021 Anthony Francis, Dimitri, Photograph, 2019 Suzy González, What the World Needs Now, acrylic, dyed corn husks, and oil on canvas, 36″ x 48″, 2019
Audrya Flores, Tending To, latex paint on stretched vintage linen, 48″ x 72″, 2019