Photos provided by Sergio A.Guerrero
Other Art provided by Dr. Ricardo Romo

This week’s cover art was recommended to us by family music historian, Sergio A.Guerrero from El barrio de East Austin. Guerrero was raised into a talented musical family and became the family music historian as a former board member of the Texas Music Museum of Austin. He now lives in San Antonio and recently commissioned the Alamo city’s very own Chicano artist Joe Lopez to create a Dia de Los Muertos painting paying homage to the departed Guerrero family members which will be unveiled at the ESB Mexican American Cultural Center in Austin during their annual Dia de Los Muertos annual festival .

Guerrero said, “Mr.Lopez has made major Mexican American art contributions to the city of San Antonio. …much like historical artwork by another legendary artist Jesse Trevino…very unique and amazing.”

While working at the Texas Music Museum, Guerrero was very fortunate to meet and greet veteran, elderly trail blazing musicians and entertainers.

“As you know if we have opportunities to meet and interview incredible humans to help preserve their history and contributions we also are able to capture suppressed, forgotten critical family history…unfortunately many historical men and women have now passed on,” said Guerrero.

We are thankful for the legacy artists that are still with us and celebrate the lives of legacy artists who have moved on.